Закрыть ... [X]

At the Athletic Club, Lily sat at a romantic table and sipped wine. Her phone pinged, and she read a message from Cane that said he was on his way and would see her soon. She smiled and checked her reflection in a compact mirror. Lily's fantasy ended when a prison door slammed.

Lily stirred some red powder with water in a paper cup, and she dabbed the liquid on her lips to color them. She shuffled through a pile of homemade cards and scraped off glitter, which she applied to her eyelids.

At the Ashby home, Devon questioned whether he, Neil, and Cane should be on the road, but Cane was on the phone with Charlie, stressing that he needed the twins to be home to relieve the nanny that afternoon. Cane requested five more minutes, and Devon grumbled that Cane had just said that. Devon wondered why Cane seemed on edge, and Neil surmised that Cane was worried about Lily, since someone had messed with her head the week before. Devon asked if Lily had reported it, but Neil replied that it wasn't something she'd report, since her husband had been the one who'd done it.

Devon was appalled when Neil informed him that Cane hadn't shown up for his last visit with Lily. Devon was surprised that Cane had volunteered the information to Nate, and Neil figured that Cane had needed someone to talk to. Neil sympathized that Cane felt like his problems were nothing compared to what Lily was going through, but it wasn't healthy for Cane to be stressed to the brink. Neil grabbed the phone away from Cane and ended the call with Charlie, and he ordered Cane to take a seat. Cane protested that they didn't have time, but Neil firmly stated that there were things they needed to discuss before they saw Lily.

Cane insisted that he didn't want to miss Lily's visitation, and Devon testily bet that it was because Cane had missed the previous one. Cane admitted that it had been selfish of him, but his last visit had been rough because the place was changing Lily. Cane wailed that he felt like everything had been dumped on him, but he was committed to sucking it up because she was suffering even more. Neil recognized that Cane was tough enough to deal with it, but he warned that Cane was setting himself up for more of the same thing.

Neil thought that any guy with any pressing issue would insist that he had it every time. Neil acknowledged that men tended to believe that saying they needed help was weak, but it was really the opposite, since it took confidence to recognize a problem and deal with it. Devon recalled that it had driven Lily insane that he'd always had an issue with asking for directions. Neil admitted that "I got this" had once been his catch phrase, but he knew that it was okay that sometimes he didn't.

Neil told Cane that he had to man up and be brave, but Cane's admission that he had issues dealing with his problems wouldn't diminish his strength. Cane cried that he missed Lily, and Neil insisted that they all had to put one foot in front of another to cross the finish line together. Devon offered his help if Cane needed it. Cane mused that he didn't deserve them, but Lily did, and he loved her too much to mess it up.

Lily joined Cane and Devon in the prison visiting room, and Cane revealed that Neil had had a work emergency. Lily hugged them, and she noted that she hadn't expected to see Devon for a few more days. Devon insisted that he'd made time for her, and Cane apologized for standing her up the last time. Lily confessed that it had been a little unnerving, since she hadn't been able to use a phone to make sure Cane had been alive and kicking. Cane quipped that he'd been kicking himself because he'd let her down, and he promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Cane admired the change in Lily's look, and Devon remarked that makeup was supposed to be contraband. Lily explained that she'd used the library to look up makeup hacks, like soaking candy shells in water to use as lipstick and taking glitter from the kids' cards as eyeshadow. She considered it something small that made her feel human again, and Cane complimented how it looked on her. Lily shared that she'd heard that from a few people, and she'd offered to teach some inmates how to do it. Cane reminded her that they'd talked about her keeping to herself, but Lily said being an outsider could make her a target, and she wanted to make her life as easy as possible.

Cane declared that he was proud of Lily, and he encouraged her to think big. He suggested that she ask the warden to set up a place and time to offer her makeup consulting services to inmates. Lily chirped that it could be a reward for good behavior, and Cane envisioned the program continuing even after Lily got out. Lily liked the idea, and she thanked Cane and Devon for thinking of her and reminding her of what she had waiting for her at home. Cane told her not to forget it for one second. She couldn't believe their time was almost up, and Devon stepped out to give the couple some privacy.

Cane took Lily's hands in his and told her to close her eyes, since he was going to take her on a trip to Paris. He told her to pick the place, and he'd paint the picture. She opted for dinner at the Athletic Club, since she just wanted to be back in Genoa City with him. She envisioned sitting at her favorite table, sipping a fabulous pinot noir while waiting for him and wearing a dress that she'd bought just for that night. He called her a vision, and she said he was more handsome than the day they'd met. He asked if she was expecting someone, and she replied that she was waiting for the man in her life. Cane called the guy the luckiest man in the world.

Cane asked what he could do in the next 90 seconds to make the night magical and unforgettable. Lily was thrilled to be sitting across from her husband, looking into his eyes and knowing they had their whole lives together. Cane told her to hold onto that moment, since no one could ever take it away, and she could think of it whenever she was feeling down. He swore that his heart would be with her wherever he was and whatever he was doing, and she murmured that only a kiss could make things more perfect. She imagined Cane tenderly kissing her.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley prepared to leave when she saw Abby walk in. Ashley explained that she didn't want things to be awkward, but Abby encouraged her to stay and finish her coffee. Ashley gulped down her drink and declared that she had, and she planned to pop in at Jabot and see if the building was still standing before someone kicked her out.

At Jabot, Kyle begged Dina to trust him, but she snapped that she didn't trust him at all. Jack entered and wondered what he'd walked in on. Kyle claimed that Dina thought he was her chauffeur and had asked him to drive her there, but she'd turned on him because she was confused. Dina asserted that she knew exactly what Kyle was trying to do, but she wasn't out of her mind. "You know that, John," she insisted to Jack.

Jack gently urged Dina to talk about whatever was upsetting her so they could solve the problem. Dina replied that she had solved it, but "that atrocious boy" had stopped her. Dina recounted that John had agreed to do something as a favor to her to "protect them both." She referred to a signed contract that they'd put in the safe, and she pointed to where the safe was. She swore that Kyle had been trying to get rid of it by feeding it to the shredder, and she accused Kyle of wanting to make her look like a liar who really didn't love her daughter.

Jack asked Dina to remind him what the contract was about, and Dina told him that it was the one to protect Ashley from Jack. Dina was surprised that he didn't remember, and Kyle handed Jack the contract and suggested that he read it. Jack was astonished by what it said, and Dina reiterated that the document made things right for Ashley. Dina reasoned that Traci had her writing and that Jack had the charm and ambition to become a rising star at Jabot, but Ashley could get left behind. Dina tearfully told "John" that she knew how terribly she'd hurt him and the kids, and she'd never ask him to forgive her, but the contract would make things better and fairer long after they were gone.

Kyle stepped toward Jack, but Dina ordered him to stay away. Kyle explained that he was just making sure his boss was clear on everything, since things had changed since the original contract had been drafted, and it might be hazardous to Jabot's corporate health. Dina huffed that John would never do anything to hurt the company and that he was a "hell of a lot" sharper than Kyle. Dina turned away, and Jack sighed in exasperation and expressed horror that the document gave Ashley the patents for the dozens of products she'd developed. Jack realized that it represented the core of Jabot's financial engine, and the company would be bankrupt in a week if they paid Ashley according to the contract.

Meanwhile, Ashley stepped off the elevator and approached the CEO's office. Abby tracked Ashley down and explained that she hadn't been able to stay at the coffeehouse and act like nothing was wrong. Abby recognized that there was a huge amount of damage, but none of it would get fixed without serious effort, and she invited Ashley to take the first steps with her and see where things went.

Dina demanded that "John" lock the contract in the safe until they could tell Ashley about it. Jack assured her that it meant just as much to him as it did to her, but a lot of things had changed at Jabot, and he thought they could protect Ashley better in another way. He insisted that they had to make sure the contract didn't confuse anyone else for Ashley's sake. In the corridor, Abby started to board the elevator, but Ashley stopped when she heard a whirring sound in the office. Abby said she hadn't heard anything, and Ashley figured that it was no big deal. They stepped onto the elevator as Jack shredded the contract.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack reported that Dina was asleep. Kyle was grateful that Jack had been there to avoid the catastrophe that the contract could have been. Jack recognized that the document had been an act of love, but it might have caused Jabot to fold years earlier. Jack understood Kyle's instinct to get rid of it, and Kyle groaned that it had killed him to freak Dina out, but he'd felt like he'd yanked a ticking time bomb out of the wall. Jack lamented that he'd never thought he'd shred the most important gift his father had ever given his sister, but Kyle argued that it would have otherwise meant the end of Jabot.

Jack imagined that if John had put the document into effect when he'd been alive, then Jack and Ashley never would have gone down the road they had. Traci entered and asked if Dina was having a good day or if she was still feeling the effects of Ashley's rampage. Jack asserted that they would get past it eventually, even if it took time. Kyle pointed out that they couldn't wait indefinitely to find a new CEO, but Jack objected to rushing into a decision. Jack left for a meeting, and Traci agreed that they couldn't be hasty or get carried away with personal ambition, since doing what was right for Jabot would also be doing what was right for their family. Kyle stated that he'd already made it his focus.

Kyle prepared to hit the streets to look for Lola's food truck. Traci bet that Lola would give him another chance because he was a catch, and he had the best heart. Kyle remarked that he sometimes but not always did, and he departed. Dina entered and groused about "that boy" being there again. Dina mentioned that John seemed to trust him, but she didn't because Kyle was a liar who'd said he'd wanted to help her make things right with Ashley. Dina stopped herself from sharing family business with someone she didn't know, and Traci reminded Dina of who she was.

Traci helped Dina get comfortable on the couch, and she prompted Dina to tell her about Ashley. Dina recounted that John had promised her that he would help Ashley, but the plans had changed, and the document was gone for good. Traci pressed to know about the document, and Dina revealed that it had been kept in a safe in John's office, but she wasn't sure that it had been the right place because he'd redecorated. Traci realized that Dina had been at the office that day.

Dina relayed that she'd shown "the boy" the document, but he and John had put it in "that thing." Dina bemoaned that it was in a million pieces, and she didn't know if Ashley would get anything. Dina crossed the room and picked up a photo of herself and Ashley on the mantel, and she asked who the beautiful girl was. Traci responded that it was Ashley, but Dina spat that it wasn't, and she wandered off to find someone who could help her. Traci headed out.

At the Athletic Club, Abby mentioned that she'd tried to see things from her mother's perspective, and she understood that Ashley felt her actions had been valid. Abby continued that she was still in shock that Ashley could do something that horrible to Jack, and Ashley referred to the horrible things Jack had done to her. Abby swore that she didn't want a repeat of their family breakfast, and Ashley contended that she hadn't done what she had to get revenge on Jack or to be CEO. Ashley explained that she'd wanted to make herself an equal in the family again, and DNA had been used against her, so she'd decided to use DNA to reassert herself and Abby back into their places in the family.

Abby wished that Ashley had asked her before acting on her behalf, since Abby would have told her to stop. Abby said she would have helped find a way to accomplish that without a covert attack, and she argued that Ashley was worse off than when she'd started. Ashley recalled being angry and bitter toward Dina for being selfish and unloving, and she'd vowed that things would never be like that between her and Abby. Ashley couldn't bear the thought of Abby feeling the same way about her that Ashley felt about Dina, and Abby replied that she didn't want that, either.

Ashley and Abby saw Jack sit down at the bar, and Abby suspected that Ashley wanted to talk to him. Ashley hesitated to cause a scene, but Abby thought there didn't have to be one, and she believed they'd made a promising start. The women hugged goodbye, and Abby left for a meeting. Ashley headed to the bar and recalled Jack's words at the family breakfast about trying to move past all of it. She inquired whether the seat next to him was taken, and he replied, "It is now."

Ashley reported that she hadn't spoken for long with Abby, but it had been a start. Ashley wondered if she could expect the same from Jack, and she was hopeful because he'd offered her a seat. He was open to hearing what she had to say, and he informed her that he'd taken a hard look at himself and the things he'd done and hadn't done. He conceded that he might have pushed her to that point, and he wished there was some way they could put the resentment and pain behind them and move on, starting that night.

Ashley refused to take all the responsibility for what had happened, but she thought she and Jack had to be honest if they were going to move forward. She confessed that she'd felt like a complete outsider in her own family, and it had been worse than finding out that Brent was her father because she'd made the decision that had caused it. Ashley swore that she would love it if there was any way for them to make their way back, and Jack figured that perhaps it was a good thing that neither of them would be working at Jabot while they focused on getting back what they'd once had. They agreed that it was worth more than almost anything.

At Jabot, Traci flicked on the lights in the CEO's office and looked around. She opened the shredder and dumped its contents onto the desk. Traci pieced together the strips of shredded paper, and her eyes widened when she read the contents of the document. "Oh, no," she gasped.

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