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But did you ever think about how a leaf looks inside?
You will be surprised!
BSB conservation education: plant leaf inside facts: photosynthesis needed for life on Earth, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
There are different parts of a leaf involved in photosynthesis
Mostly we think about green leaves, but most of leaf cells, the cell material have no color.
When we see green, we see the chlorophyll molecules in the chloroplasts
plant leaf inside facts: chlorophyll, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
Chlorophyll inside a leaf

In a leaf are many different types of cells, each cell for a different task
All these cells are needed - a perfect plan for life
plant leaf inside facts: chlorophyll, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
Scientist name these layers:
Top = cuticle layer + epidermal cells
Middle = mesophyll cells with the chloroplasts
Bottom = cuticle layer, epidermal cells, and stomates
The function of the stomates is to regulate the input and output of carbon dioxyde CO2 and oxygen O2

Let's have a look at the Mesophyll Cells
plant leaf inside facts: chlorophyll, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
Two different mesophyll cells are in a typical leaf.
Many in the palisade parenchyma region others in the spongy parenchyma region.
Look at a chloroplast: They are tiny, but you can see them under a microscope.
conservation education online: plant leaf inside facts: chloroplasts, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
When we look what is inside a chloroplast we will see the stroma and the grana.
That's where photosynthesis happens
Inside a plant leaf: BSB Conservation education explains how chloroplast works, updates your conservation education knowledge - offers plant encyclopedia, how green leaves works and why photosynthesis is the most important chemical reaction on Earth
The outer layer of the thylakoids are home to chlorophyll and other pigments. Photons, sent out by our sun, hit the pigments and electrons are getting loose to provide the energy for the complicated process of photosynthesis.
Often we hear the word photosynthetic membrane describing a thylakoid.
BSB botany: plant leaf inside facts: granum important for photosynthesis inside of chlorophyll, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia
When you look at these flat pancake shaped pieces, scientists call them thylakoids.
A stack of thylakoids is a granum / plural grana
You see the hose-connection? The name for these connections is stroma lamellae.

The membrane and the space inside it, is where the light-dependent reaction takes place.

The light independent reactions happen in the stroma.
plant leaf inside facts: stroma, granum, grana, updated nature education - plant encyclopedia

Chloroplasts are carbohydrate factories using sun light as energy.
They have their own genetic material, they can multiply!

As working materials chloroplasts need:
carbon dioxide
These raw materials allow the chloroplast factory to produce food for the plant,
plants all mammals need for food, for oxygen!

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