• Professional Resources for Women in Business

    If you are a woman, starting and growing a business can present many unique hurdles. Learn about the common pitfalls, and about opportunities for gaining capital and support. Written by Jen Boulden – an entrepreneur, author, and mother with experience launching and operating successful businesses.

  • Xeriscaping: Drought Tolerant Landscaping

    Americans use over 9 billion gallons of water on landscaping and their gardens every day. We can substantially lower that number without sacrificing beauty by choosing plants that are better adapted to hot and dry climates. Explore the many options available to create a water-friendly landscape.

  • Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners

    Americans love their pets, but despite spending over billion every year, many pet owners forget to account for the risks their animals face in their own home. If you are a pet owner, read this guide to make sure you're taking the neccesary precautions, and that your home isn't an accident waiting to happen.

  • 50+ Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

    The reality of planning a wedding can be overwhelming to even the most organized couples. Of all the moving parts that you need to keep track of, one thing that you definitely can't afford to put off is finding and booking a wedding photographer. Once you've picked out a good candidate, here are more than 50 questions you can ask to make sure you've found the perfect photographer to capture your day.

  • Bankruptcy & Student Loan Debt: What You Need to Know

    In today's job market, more and more high-earning professions require a college degree. At the same time, the price of earning a degree is only getting higher, and many would-be students are being discouraged from furthering their education. This guide will help you understand what you need to know about student loans, debt, bankruptcy, and your financial future.