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Roman Catholic Womenbishops meet in Aptos, California October 1, 2017
for the Episcopal Ordination of Jane Via and Suzanne Thiel

April 2015 Ordination: New Jersey

2015 Witness for Women's Ordination: Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

Recent Liturgy at Church of the Beatitudes
Santa Barbara, California

Call to Action - November 2011
RCWP-USA Booth in Exhibit hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Religious Ed Congress - March 2011
Anaheim, California

RCWP Episcopal Ordination - April 9, 2008
Asemwald, Stuttgart, Germany
Episcopal Ordination and Priest Ordination

Left to Right: Christel Hildebrand (Lutlevan Minister); Bishop Gisela Forster; Bishop dana Reynolds (newly consecrated bishop); Suzanne A. Thiel (newly ordained priest); Bishop Ida Ramin; Bishop Patricia Fresen; Unknown Luterhan Minister; Regina Laedwig (German deacon)

 Roman Catholic Womenpriests Celebrate Eucharist at
CALL TO ACTION 30th Anniversary Conference
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

RCWP Liturgy at CTA National Conference


 The Ordination of Roman Catholic Womenpriests and Womendeacons

June 24, 2006 in Bodensee, Germany

Presiding bishops: Gisela Forster,
Patricia Fresen and Ida Raming


 The Ordination of Roman Catholic Womenpriests and Womendeacons

July 25, 2005 on a Boat on International Waters

 St. Lawrence Seaway, Canada

Presiding Bishops Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger,
Gisela Forster, and Patrica Fresen

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 The Ordination of Roman Catholic Womendeacons
on the Danube River, 2004

Ida Raming, reading the
Gospel, Danube 2004

Six women ordained to the diaconate,
Danube 2004

Genevieve Beney, Bishop Gisela Forster,
Danube 2004

Catherine Rue blessing
her daughter Victoria,
Danube 2004