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With its episode count about to hit the 300 mark, has featured many guest stars. , it's easy to forget some of the more notable ones. Here are eight stars who appeared on the show before they became famous for other things.

1. Cory Monteith

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You'll likely know the late Cory Monteith from his starring role as Finn Hudson in the one-time smash hit musical dramedy . He appeared from the pilot until his death after filming of the fourth season. His character was killed off shortly afterwards, although the cause was never revealed.

In Supernatural, he appeared in the second ever episode 'Wendigo', albeit very briefly. His character, Gary, was one of a group of campers that were killed by the titular monster.

2. Alden Ehrenreich

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Han Solo himself! Ehrenreich is, of course, the star of the latest in the franchise, . You may also know him from his role in the Coen brothers' .

He too went up against the Wendigo in the second episode of the debut season. Unlike Monteith's Gary though, he fared much better and not only got to act alongside stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles but his character, Ben, even made it out of the episode alive.

3. Finn Wolfhard

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool a name Finn Wolfhard has? Netflix subscribers will be familiar with him as Mike on Stranger Things, and he'll be . Finn is making a name for himself on the big screen too: he starred as Richie in 2017's , a by James McAvoy .

In Supernatural, Wolfhard appeared in the 11th season episode 'Thin Lizzy'. The episode focused on a series of murders in the home that used to belong to real-life killer Lizzie Borden.

4. Sterling K Brown

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You'll best know Sterling K Brown these days thanks to his role in the ensemble drama . His character, Randall, has been one of the standouts. (It helped that this role came off the back of a brilliant performance in season 1 of .) He's doing well on the big screen too after a small role in , and a much larger one in Hotel Artemis.

Sterling appeared in Supernatural a few times as Gordon, a hunter who proved to be a thorn in Sam's side. He was eventually turned into a vampire and brutally beheaded by the younger Winchester brother.

5. Marie Avgeropoulos

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If you've never seen (or you gave up on it after its shaky opening few episodes), we highly recommend that you give it another try. One of the best examples of how much the show has grown can be found in Marie Avgeropoulos' character Octavia Blake. Initially a bit of a brat, Octavia has developed into an extremely compelling character; a warrior who leads her people with a streak that the word ruthless doesn't really do justice.

She had a guest spot in the fourth season episode 'After School Special' as Taylor. It was a fleeting role that came to an abrupt end when the character drowned after having her head forced down a toilet – Octavia would never have let that happen.

6. Dylan Minnette

©  The CW

Dylan Minnette has popped up in several shows over the years (including being Jack's son in who didn't exist), but now he is best known for his role as Clay Jensen in Netflix drama . A breakout show during its first run, the series has continued with a second season that . With , again starring Minnette, the story will go on – which we guess will take us up to 39 reasons why?

Minnette appeared in the fourth season episode 'Family Remains', arguably one of the creepiest episodes the show has done to date. He played the son of the Carter family, Danny, who along with the others were stalked in their new home by a sinister figure. Fun fact – Helen Slater played his mother, Susan. She starred as Supergirl in the 1984 movie, and has recurred in as Alex and Kara's mother.

7. Danay Garcia

©  The CW

Until recently, Danay Garcia was best known for her role in the Panama-set third season of . Now though, she kills walkers in as Luciana. Arriving in the second season, she appeared sporadically and was missing for a large part of the third season. The current run is making good use of her though – although given how many characters have departed of late, it's perhaps not surprising.

She appeared as ranch hand Ellie in the eighth season episode 'Trial and Error'. She was in the mix (and in danger) as Sam and Dean went after a hellhound as part of their quest to shut the gates of Hell.

8. Rachel Keller

©  The CW

Marvel TV fans will know Rachel Keller from FX's trippy, weird, yet brilliant .

She also played Sister Mathias in the 10th season episode 'Paint it Black'. The episode, focusing on grizzly suicides at a Catholic church, wasn't a particularly great one in all honesty. But Keller's character did make it out alive – so the option to have her return in the future is there.

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