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Are you on the hunt for a 360 camera but confused over which one you should choose? There are now dozens of 360 cameras competing for your attention and each one is different from the other. I’m going to help you decide which is the best one for you by breaking down the Pros and Cons of every 360 camera available right now.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been writing about 360 cameras for the past 2 years, I regularly test and use 360 cameras and own more than 10 myself. I know pretty much all there is to know about 360 cameras (a fact I like to keep from my friends, lest I face their relentless mockery), and I’m confident I can help you find the right camera.

This list will be limited to cameras that cost under 00 and will be ordered from most expensive to least expensive. You can see my to find more info on pro rigs.For each 360 camera I’m going to give you a few basic facts (specs, price) and list both the pros and cons based on my experience and the experience of others. I’ll also give my impressions of the camera and if I think it’s worth buying in 2018 (and why). So, without further delay, let’s get started!

GoPro Fusion

Specs and Overview

Specs GoPro Fusion Video Resolution 5.2K Photo Resolution 18mp Stabilization 6 Axis Software Stabilization Livestream No Waterproof Yes, up to 16 feet Reframing Overcapture Using Desktop App Sensors Gyroscope, GPS Battery 1 Hour Audio Spherical Audio Price 9

The GoPro Fusion is designed, like most other GoPro products, to be an action camera. It can shoot very high resolution 360 video, 5.2K specifically, which is probably the best looking 360 video of any consumer 360 camera. The Fusion can also shoot “overcapture video, which is flat HD video created from 360; a few other cameras can also do this.

The Fusion has excellent software stabilization and a dedicated mobile and desktop app for editing and rendering.  The Fusion isn’t as good at taking 360 photos and you’ll need two (very fast) SD cards for it to work. You may find the Fusion difficult to work within post production if you are not familiar with advanced video editing, users have reported very long rendering times and occasional software failures.


  • Excellent Video Quality
  • Able to Shoot Non-360 “Overcapture” Video
  • Excellent Stabilization
  • Water Resistant
  • Manual Controls
  • Comes with Monopod Attachment


  • Requires Two Micro SD Cards
  • Users Have Experienced Bugs in the Desktop Software
  • Long Rendering Times
  • 360 Photos Limited to 18mp
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Vuze 360 VR

Specs and Overview 

Specs Vuze Video Resolution 4K 3D Photo Resolution 18mp Stabilization Horizon Correction Livestream Yes (added extra) Waterproof No Reframing No Sensors None Battery 2 Hours Audio 4 Microphones Price 9

The Vuze is the only consumer 360 camera that can shoot 3D and 360 video. The combination of these formats works very well if viewed on a VR headset, as the 3D element gives the 360 video depth and takes it one step further to true immersive VR. 4K resolution is still a bit blurry on a VR headset and this is a low cost 3D camera.

This 8 lens camera sometime struggles to keep the stitching lines hidden, which is most apparent when moving of if objects are too close to the camera. The 4K video looks great, but you can get similar quality much cheaper. If you are looking to shoot 360 video specifically for a VR audience, then the Vuze is a great choice, but if you don’tcare about 3D then maybe consider another option.


  • Can Shoot 3D Video Combined with 360
  • 4K 360 Video Looks Clear and Sharp
  • 3D Video Best Suited for VR Headsets
  • Free Desktop Software Allows for Easy Editing
  • Can Adjust Exposure of Each Lens Individually


  • Expensive
  • Obvious Stitching Lines Between Lenses
  • Limited Stabilization when Moving
  • No 360 Live Preview When Shooting

Garmin VIRB 360

Specs and Overview 

Specs VIRB 360 Video Resolution 5.7K Photo Resolution 18mp Stabilization 6 Axis Stabilization Livestream Yes – 4K Waterproof Yes – 10m Reframing Yes – Using Desktop App Sensors Gyroscope, Accelrometer, Barometer, GPS, Compass Battery 1 Hour Audio 360 Spatial Audio Price 5

The VIRB 360 was the first consumer 360 camera to shoot at 5.7K, and it retains its title as one of the best 360 cameras for video. This is an action camera pure and simple; it’s waterproof and shockproof, works with a dozen accessories and has a range of stabilization options that work very well.

A unique feature of the VIRB 360 is its augmented data overlays, which uses the huge various sensors to display anything from speed to air pressure directly on your 360 video. This is one of my favorite cameras, however it does suffer from a cumbersome App that crashes too often. If you want the best 360 video possible coupled with tried and tested action cam credentials then the VIRB is hard to beat, although you’ll have to pay a premium.


  • Excellent Video Quality
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Includes Half a Dozen Sensors
  • Augmented Overlay Displays Data in Video
  • VIRB Edit Desktop Software Free and Easy to Use
  • Hyperframe Editing Mode
  • Ambisonic Audio
  • Can Livestream in 4K


  • Expensive
  • Photo Quality Lacking
  • Buggy App


Specs and Overview 

Specs Rylo Video Resolution 4K Photo Resolution 18mp Stabilization 6 Axis Stabilization Livestream No Waterproof No Reframing Yes – Using iPhone App Sensors Gyroscope Battery 1 Hour Audio 1 Microphone Price 9

The Rylo is a great 360 camera for shooting stabilized, smooth footage. It’s widely regarded as having the best software stabilization of any 360 camera which means it can shoot super smooth video free of vibrations and shakiness. The Rylo has a great App which allows you to turn 360 video into cinematic flat HD video.

The Rylo is pretty expensive for a 4K 360 camera, but it’s also one of the few with near flawless software coupled with good quality hardware. Unfortunately the Rylo is only compatible with iPhone’s, but an Android version may be coming soon. The Rylo also lacks any decent photography options, so avoid this camera if you’re looking to primarily take 360 photos.


  • Amazing Stabilization Technology
  • Software is User Friendly and Bug Free
  • 4K Video Looks Great
  • Can Easy Create HD Flat Video With Cinematic Panning


  • Only Compatible with iPhone’s
  • Photo Quality Lacking
  • Video Isn’t Great in Low Light

Ricoh Theta V

Specs and Overview 

Specs Theta V Video Resolution 4K Photo Resolution 15mp Stabilization Horizon Stabilization Livestream Yes Waterproof No Reframing No Sensors Gyroscope, GPS Battery 1.5 Hour Audio 360 Spatial Audio (Ambisonic Mic Attachment Available) Price 9

The Ricoh Theta V is one of the best all-round 360 cameras available right now. If you want to shoot great looking photos as well as videos then the Theta V might be for you. Even though the photo resolution is limited to 15mp, it’s still able to shoot amazing 360 photos thanks to an automatic HDR mode.

The Theta V has great audio capabilities, with 4 microphones able to create 360 audio for the listener. One thing the Theta V lacks is decent stabilization, which means the video won’t look as good if you are moving with the camera.


  • 4K Video Among The Best in it’s Class
  • 360 Audio
  • Ambisonic Microphone Attachment Available
  • Automatic HDR Photo Mode


  • Limited Stabilization
  • Photo Resolution Limited to 15mp
  • App Can Be Slow

Yi 360 VR

Specs and Overview 

Specs Yi360 VR Video Resolution 5.7K Photo Resolution 16.5mp Stabilization Software Stabilization Livestream Yes – 4K Waterproof No Reframing No Sensors Gyroscope, GPS Battery 1.5 Hour Audio Omidirectional Price 9

The Yi 360 VR is the cheapest 360 camera that can shoot 5K 360 video, making it one of the best value 360 cameras in this list. If you want very clear 360 video for the cheapest price possible, then this is the camera for you. The Yi also features stabilization, omnidirectional audio and can livestream in 4K.

In order to get the best quality video from this camera you’ll need to use the desktop app to stitch and render it. This process can take a long time and you’ll need a powerful PC to get it done.


  • Cheapest 5K 360 Camera
  • Excellent Video Quality
  • 4K Livestreaming
  • Can be Powered by USB


  • Long Rendering Times
  • Short Battery Life

Insta360 One

insta-360 one review

Specs and Overview 

Specs Insta360 One Video Resolution 4K Photo Resolution 24mp Stabilization 6 Axis Stabilization Livestream Yes – 4K Waterproof No (Case Available) Reframing Yes -Freecapture with Phone Sensors Gyroscope Battery 1.5 Hour Audio 1 microphone Price 9

The Insta360 One is a excellent value 360 camera with features usually only found in much more expensive cameras. It can shoot 4K 360 video and high resolution 360 photos. You can also create re-framed overcapture video by manipulating your video using the dedicated app.

This is one of only a few consumer 360 cameras that can shoot great quality 360 photos as well as video, however the video is not quite as good as some of its more expensive competitors. The camera allows you full manual control over exposure, ISO and light balance; you can even shoot in RAW for maximum quality.


  • Shoots 4K Video
  • Large 24 Megapixel Photos
  • Can Shoot RAW Files
  • Livestream in 4K
  • Freecapture Video Mode
  • Very Good Value for Money


  • App Isn’t Very User Friendly
  • Bad at Low Light Video
  • Slight Over Saturation in Images
  • Adapter Required for Android


Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere

Specs and Overview 

Specs Mi Sphere Video Resolution 3.5K Photo Resolution 23mp Stabilization 6 Axis Stabilization Livestream No Waterproof Splashproof Reframing Yes -Freecapture with Phone Sensors Gyroscope Battery 1 Hour Audio 1 microphone Price 0

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere is one of the most popular 360 cameras thanks to its ability to shoot good quality photos and videos, combined with the fact that it’s very cheap. This Chinese 360 camera is one of the best for shooting 360 photos, and even though it’s lenses are limited to shooting 3.5K resolution, video still looks at good as a 4K camera.

The Mi Sphere also features stabilization, the ability to shoot RAW photos and a video editor. The Phone App functions well most of the time, but the desktop software is fairly basic. If you were thinking about buying your first 360 camera and you didn’t want to spend too much, this is one of the best choices you could make.


  • Excellent Value
  • Shoots Great Quality 360 Photos
  • Shoots Raw Images
  • Good Internal Stabilization
  • Manual Controls


  • Video is Only 3.5K Resolution
  • Desktop App Poorly Designed

Giroptic iO

Specs and Overview 

Specs Giroptic iO Video Resolution HD Photo Resolution 7mp Stabilization None Livestream Yes Waterproof Splashproof Reframing No Sensors None Battery Battery from Phone Audio 1 microphone Price 0


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Photos Look Good
  • Can Be Used with iPad
  • Under 0
  • Can Livestream


  • Video Quality Lacking
  • Can Only Use When Attached to Phone
  • No Stabilization

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Specs Gear 360 2017 Video Resolution 4K Photo Resolution 15mp Stabilization None Livestream Yes -2K Waterproof Splashproof Reframing No Sensors None Battery 1.5h Audio 1 microphone Price 0

Samsung’s second generation 360 camera is one of the cheapest available. It can shoot 4K 360 video as well as livestream in 2K. The Gear 360 is a very basic 360 camera with none of the more advanced features found in its competitors. The video quality is probably the poorest out of all the 4K 360 cameras available, and it doesn’t shoot particularly great photos either. The Gear 360 app works wonderfully and it’s super easy to pick up and use almost instantly. This is a great starter 360 camera, but not recommended for more advanced users.


  • 4K 360 Video
  • App Works Great & Very Easy to Use
  • Can Livestream
  • Cheap


  • No Stabilization
  • Photo Quality Lacking
  • 4K Video Lacks Detail
  • Very Poor in Low Light

Samsung Gear 360 (2016)

Specs Gear 360 2016 Video Resolution 4K Photo Resolution 30mp Stabilization None Livestream No Waterproof Splashproof Reframing No Sensors None Battery 1.5h Audio 1 microphone Price

Samsung’s first generation 360 camera (and my first one too!) was one of the first consumer 360 cameras ever released, and jump started the boom in 360 tech a few years ago. The camera was ahead of its time and still holds its own against today’s competition. The original 360 is particularly good at shooting photos and remains one of the best 360 photography cameras to date. The video quality is slightly lacking compared to what’s available these days, but the fact that you can now get the original Gear 360 for just makes it an exceptionally good value device.


  • Very Cheap (under 0)
  • Shoots Great Quality Photos
  • 4K Video
  • App Works Great & Easy to Use


  • No Stabilization
  • Can’t Livestream
  • Only Compatible with Samsung Phones


Hopefully that’s helped you narrow down which 360 camera is best for you. I’ll be updating this post regularly when new 360 cameras are released, so you can be sure that it’s still accurate.

If you still need a bit more help deciding which 360 camera to choose, then maybe one of these posts will help:

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