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Film Conversion

Replicopy will scan each individual movie frame in HD, resulting the highest quality output available.

Tape Conversion

We understand the importance of preserving your favorite tapes. Our technicians and equipment are fast, safe, and top of the line – you can trust us with your memories.

Tape Conversion

40 years in the Film, Video and Digital arena have made us experts with all kinds of media. Three generations of know how makes us number one in our field. We can convert any tape based format to digital files or DVD. From 2” inch quad to VHS and HI8 we cover it all.

Film Digitization

16mm, 8 mm, 35mm film scanning. Transfer of home movies and professional film takes more time with our process to reach maximum quality of your priceless films and tapes. With our years of experience, Replicopy ensures your transfers are of the highest quality.

Photo Scanning

From prints to negatives, we can scan it in to add to your digital library of photos. Video tapes, Photos ,slides were never meant to last forever chances are they are already fading. We can help you merge your past with the present.

Audio Preservation

Our audio cassette transfer service is superior to most transfer services because we take the time to EQ your tape and add noise reduction as possible to give the best quality transfer to CD

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