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Travel from Sausalito to San Francisco

If you have visited Sausalito at any time of year, you have probably gazed across the water and realized just how close San Francisco is. From the shared landmarks of Alcatraz Island and Angel Island in the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge connecting the two cities, there are a lot of shared spaces and ideas between the two cities – and easy ways to visit between them for day trips, activities, and more.

Visitors often choose Sausalito as their home base for their vacation plans because of the quieter pace of city life in the bayside town, because of the easy walking distance between most on the downtown entertainment and restaurants, or simply because of the scenic beauty of the smaller North Bay Area city. Regardless of the many attributes that make Sausalito a prime vacation and residence city, it is almost inevitable that at some point visitors look out the short distance across the bay and feel the urge to explore San Francisco.

Getting from San Francisco to Sausalito is half of the fun and is a memorable experience in and of itself. Whether you enjoy the ferry ride from one of the several ferry companies that serve Sausalito and San Francisco, or enjoy the drive across the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, you will enjoy scenery like no other place on earth as you journey to your entertainment or activities on the other side.

For family fun without a car and without venturing too far from the ferry terminals on the San Francisco side of the bay, you can explore the wharf area and the many different areas and attractions there for hours. From Fishermans Wharf and its restaurants and unique shops to Pier 39, with the Bay Aquarium, museum and historical exhibits, and of course the sea lions! Slightly further inland, you can’t miss the opportunity for a bit of shopping followed by decadent ice-cream sundaes at Ghirardelli Square, or the famous Irish Coffees (for adults) at the Buena Vista Café.

If you are looking for slightly more refined and cultural entertainment, grab a MUNI bus or cable car and head over to any of the famed San Francisco museums for the afternoon. From modern art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to classic paintings at the Legion of Honor or whimsical fun at the Cartoon Art Museum, there is art for every taste in the wide collection of museums in the city.

For a different sort of cultural fun, take a look at some of San Francisco’s ethnic neighborhoods that have been institutions for decades. Stop off in North Beach for Italian fare at any of the cafes, or head over to Chinatown next door for a festival, parade, or other event extravaganza!

Whether you are looking for outdoor fun at the beaches or in Golden Gate Park, cultural and educational entertainment in the museums, authentic ethnic foods, or just a day in the city, you should have no trouble finding activities in San Francisco and no trouble finding an easy way to enjoy the voyage over from Sausalito!