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A great list of things to do when you visit Arizona, with places for , , , , , , and many destinations in-between!

Apache Junction

  1. Hike in the
  2. Go back in time at the (February through March)
  3. Take a 4-5 hr drive from Phoenix on the
  4. Check out the for a fun western experience
  5. Dinner and music at the !
  6. Take a cruise on the on Canyon Lake


  1.  in Avondale has lots of kids play areas plus a small pond
  2. Take your children to  (ages 0 to 5)
  3. is a popular west valley golf range


  1. Visit in southern Arizona, a turn-of-the-century
  2. Go underground and tour the
  3. Check out the , established in 1882
  4. There are numerous Bisbee Ghost Tours (and other tours) available in

Bullhead City

  1. has lots to see and do

Camp Verde

  1. See animals from all over the world at the


  1. Enjoy the shops, art galleries, and restaurants in and check out Easy Street and Ho Hum Dr. where there’s a huge sundial

Cave Creek

  1. is north of Phoenix, and has lots of cool western stores, restaurants, and shops
  2. Buffalo rides, and bbq! Eat dinner at in Cave Creek.


  1. See amazing art at the
  2. Be a cowboy and experience the wild west at the
  3. See and locomotives at the (closed in summer)
  4. Go shopping at the
  5. Take the family to for a nice lake, train ride, splash pad, and playground
  6. If you’re into car racing, there’s lots to see and do at 
  7. The Koli Equestrian Center offers horseback riding adventures
  8. Go racing at ! High performance driving school.
  9. Check out in Chandler for a fun night out!
  10. Stop and get a homemade popsicle at
  11. Have breakfast at at the Chandler Airport and watch the airplanes take off
  12. Go on a (first Saturday of every month from November through April)
  13. Visit  at Tumbleweed Park, a free, 2.5-acre playground for kids
  14. The is extremely popular (Saturdays in winter)

Deer Valley

  1. offers a look at ancient rock art


  1. See the in Flagstaff
  2. Ski  (or in summer of Mt. Humphries on a ski lift)
  3. Walnut Canyon near Flagstaff
  4. in Flagstaff
  5. Explore the past at National Monument
  6. Camp or hike at the
  7. Hike or ride bikes at
  8. Ride or hike the which is part of the  Flagstaff Urban Trail System
  9. Play in the snow at the (sled, or snowshoe)
  10. Swim at the (lazy river, pool, hot tubs, water slides)
  11. Take the kids to
  12. in downtown Flagstaff (summer)
  13. for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers at the Flagstaff Public Library
  14. has open gym on Mondays and Thursday afternoons
  15. has playgrounds and a skate park for teens
  16. Check out which has a model train going around the ceiling


  1. Visit historic

Fountain Hills

  1. Check out (560 ft high) which is one of the top four in the world
  2. Go


  1. Check out the
  2. Dine at , one of the best restaurants in Gilbert
  3. Take the family on a (held every third Saturday of the month, October through March)


  1. Ski  (about 4 hrs from Phoenix)
  2. Take a relaxing trip to


  1. , AZ home to a bunch of great restaurants and antique stores on the way to the White Mountains
  2. Go (October though April)
  3. Take a day-trip to and see real indian ruins (about two hours from Phoenix)
  4. Nearby is , one of the best lakes in the area!
  5. Even bigger is which is about 18 miles in length

Grand Canyon

  1. Visit the !
  2. At 8,803 feet, is the highest point on the North Rim of the
    Grand Canyon ()
  3. (at the bottom of the Grand Canyon but worth the hike) or
  4. River Raft the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon
  5. Go to the  (if you dare!)


  1. Drive the , which is a fun road with great views
  2. Visit the 
  3. Check out the worlds first Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman at the

Lake Havasu City

  1. (see London Bridge up close)


  1. Have pizza at the and enjoy live music on the huge pipe organ!
  2. Take the children to the in Mesa for all-day activities.
  3. The in Mesa is fun for all ages!
  4. Check out the  for a great hike!
  5. Go to the water park! is one of the best in the valley!
  6. Check out the at Falcon Field in Mesa where you can see old WWII airplanes and even take a ride!

Northern Arizona

  1. Take a ride on the in Northern Arizona
  2. Visit the in Northern Arizona
  3. Visit (old copper town)
  4. See bears and other wildlife at near Williams
  5. (Holbrook, AZ)
  6. Go horseback riding in Northern Arizona! There are lots of trails and beautiful scenery to see, and of to from
  7. (the second largest man made lake in America)
  8. Stay in a cozy (hundreds of cabins all over Arizona!)
  9. Visit Volcano National Monument,  preserved on earth (35 miles east of Flagstaff)
  10. (a day trip from the valley)
  11. Stand on the intersection between Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado at
  12. Tour in the High Desert
  13. Check out the in Winslow

Northeastern Arizona

  1. in Northern Arizona is absolutely beautiful – named for the many colors you can see
  2. If you’re in northeastern AZ don’t miss the amazing 
  3. See the beauty of near the four corners region
  4. Pretend you are John Ford filming in (near four corners)

Northwestern Arizona

  1. Check out the
  2. Explore near Las Vegas


  1. Check out the attraction (learn about earth and plants cycles)
  2. The provides a historical museum about Oracle


  1. View the beautiful and amazing colors and shapes of  in Page, AZ
  2. See the and learn about Major Powell and the Colorado Plateau
  3. Check out , a less busy version of Antelope Canyon that’s good for photographers
  4. See Horseshoe Bend near the Utah border in Page, AZ, an overlooking the Colorado River
  5. features a hard to reach (by permit only) rock that’s beautiful


Visit Arizona for the best desert sunsets you'll ever experience! Things to do in Arizona

  1. offers classical music for everybody, and you can see and purchase tickets online
  2. Take a  in the Phoenix area
  3. Take a on South Mountain (south of Phoenix) and get the cookout ride!
  4. Have lunch at the (reservation required)
  5. The is one of the best in the country
  6. Check out the world’s first global in Phoenix ()
  7. Visit
  8. and see the museum about the USS Arizona
  9. at South Mountain built in 1945 (may not be open for tours) which was
  10. The is held every October, and you can try tacos from over 50 vendors
  11. During the holidays (November to January) check out for an amazing light display
  12. If you are really into hiking, you should
  13. Go sailing on (north of Phoenix)
  14. Eat some
  15. Eat pizza at the famous
  16. Hike (aka Piestewa Peak) in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve
  17. Learn about Native American Indians at the
  18. Check out the great art at the
  19. Pick fresh vegetables at
  20. Learn about desert plants at the (read our guide to the )
  21. If you’re
  22. Check out the  and see lots of old fire fighting equipment
  23. Take a tour of (that castle near the freeway with all of the cactus around it)
  24. Take the family go kart racing at
  25. Visit an old 1800s town at in North Phoenix
  26. Visit the  and learn about prehistoric Arizona
  27. Hike  (second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains)
  28. Tour at Heritage Square (next to Science Museum)
  29. Check out the monuments at 
  30. See the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix called 
  31. Visit for a nice quick hike
  32. Catch a unique film and craft beer at
  33. The best venue for live music events is 
  34. might be one of the best breweries in the
  35. There are lots of farmers markets, but the  on Saturday mornings is terrific
  36. Check out every year in Phoenix
  37. Watch horse races at
  38. is a beautiful place to visit and dine (the fancy restaurant is called )
  39. Go on a glider ride with (by Lake Pleasant)
  40. Go bowling at the new  (Downtown Phoenix)
  41. Head north to the and shoot some shotguns! ( shotgun rentals)
  42. Have fun with crafts and make something at

Paradise Valley

  1. Hike in Paradise Valley
  2. Visit the of Paoli Soleri in Paradise Valley – spectacular displays of windbells and sculptures available for purchase


  1. Check out the natural land bridge at north of Payson
  2. Tour
  3. Check out the ! A geological feature that cuts across the state for 200 miles!
  4. The Zane Grey Museum in Payson is really cool
  5. Check out the


  1. Take the kids to the and learn about space exploration


  1. Check out 
  2. Visit
  3. Stop off at the experimental town of


  1. Catch a show at the (currently showing Peter Pan, Driving Miss Daisey, Fiddler on the Roof, and about 7 more)
  2. Check out the new in Scottsdale
  3. Catch the in February in Old Town Scottsdale
  4. Take a of Scottsdale!
  5. Tour in Scottsdale,
  6. . The “Best Run City In The World.”
  7. See amazing artwork and get shop till you drop in
  8. Eat ice cream at , Scottsdale’s oldest (since 1958!)
  9. Taste some unique ice cream flavors
  10. If you are into gaming, check out the Talking Stick Resort
  11. Check out the  for live events in Scottsdale
  12. Check out the recently opened  to see western art
  13. See beautiful Arabian horses every February at the 
  14. Check out the beautiful in Old Town Scottsdale
  15. Golf at the where the Waste Management Open is held every January
  16. Every January the  comes to Scottsdale and is one of the best car shows in the world
  17. Go hiking at ! One of the best hikes in the valley!
  18. Every Thursday Scottsdale hosts an informal walking tour of Fifth Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale called
  19. Check out some of the amazing
  20. Check out the race cars at the
  21. Check out the  golf event every February in Scottsdale
  22. Hit golf balls at the “resort golf experience” at Talking Stick
  23. Shoot some guns at the
  24. Go Kart Racing is fun at the  in Scottsdale!
  25. Swim with dolphins at !
  26. See a theatre production at the in Scottsdale


  1. Hike in Oak Creek Canyon at the (my favorite day hike in Arizona)
  2. Cool down at in Sedona (2 hrs north of Phoenix)
  3. Take !
  4. Get some great photos and hike at  (one of our favorite hikes!)
  5. is one of the bet hikes in Sedona with magnificent views
  6. There’s some good restaurants and shops at
  7. Check out the nestled among the red rocks
  8. Drive up the famous (truck recommended)

Southern Arizona

  1. Down near the Mexican border you don’t want to miss
  2. Hike or camp at (3 hrs east of Tucson) which has an elevation of 10,724 ft
  3. where the only Civil War battle in Arizona was fought (on the way to Tucson you will )
  4. Hike in the (The 10,000 foot mountains are in the southeastern corner of Arizona) and see the “wonderland of rocks” at the 
  5. is 2 1/2 miles of caves (near Benson, AZ)


  1. Check out the and see an old indian community


  1. right here in AZ
  2. In October you can at numerous farms statewide
  3. Arizona is serious about and has hundreds of beautiful
  4. Taste espresso at great in Arizona
  5. Go on a
  6. in Arizona! There are online for
  7. Visit some  of Arizona to see wildlife
  8. Go on a hike! Check for a map and list of cool hikes


  1. See birds, animals, and plants of the southwest at


  1. The has 26,000 square feet of indoor aquarium
  2. See an improv show at the
  3. Take a stroll along or  (kayaks, pedal boats, electric boats, and stand-up paddleboards)
  4. Enjoy Cactus League Spring Training!
  5. Watch one of the many performing arts shows at  (a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building).
  6. features the third largest wave pool in the world!
  7. Downtown Tempe and Mill Ave are spectacular evening walks
  8. The splash pad at Tempe Marketplace is really amazing — a good place to take the kids!
  9. Visit for laser tag, video games, food and bowling!
  10. – Friday evenings in May
  11. Check out the at Arizona Mills (a LEGO play area with rides)
  12. is a family entertainment center (video games, pizza, etc.)
  13. There are lots of great shows at


  1. Visit (wild west town), home of the O.K. Corral
  2. See the  planted in 1885
  3. Check out , the gravesite of many gunfighters (with a bunch of funny grave markers)
  4. See , which was a saloon and more from 1881 to 1889
  5. The is home to the original courthouse built in 1882
  6. Stroll down (the main street) which looks and feels like the old west


  1. Check out which is the first state park and best preserved Spanish Colonial Presidio
  2. Play golf at the 

Tuba City


  1. Check out the , near Tucson and see a intercontinental ballistic missile
  2. Do some climbing, hiking, or bouldering on
  3. Visit the in Tucson
  4. The is one of southern Arizona’s great gems… see old airplanes!
  5. See the near Tucson (a mission founded in 1692)
  6. Step back into the wild west at
  7. over Arizona
  8. Visit at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains
  9. Drive or hike into the area of the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson
  10. Check out just about 15 minutes west of Tucson
  11. Check out for a western experience
  12. Take a 20 minute flight in a light-aircraft or ultralight with !
  13. Visit  near Tucson
  14. The is a very popular show


  1. See petroglyphs in the  on the west side of Phoenix


  1. The in Wickenburg is one of the best western museums in the nation featuring western artwork


  1. Check out , a National Heritage Area that is being transformed into an agricultural oasis and riparian area
  2. Get coffee at
  3. The  was opened in 1876 and held more than 3,000 prisoners over 33 years
  4. The  has more than 50 buildings related to the mining operations from the 1800s

As you can see from our list, Arizona is a hive of outdoor activities. Despite being known for warm summer temperatures, Arizona visitors can find fun things to do all year!

If you have a suggestion or need advice about your trip to Arizona, you can . We live in Arizona, so we’re very familiar with the area! This list is updated frequently when we discover new things to do!

We have a full web site devoted to kids in Arizona! Get ideas .