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Publishing Web Albums with

JetPhoto Server


JetPhoto is an efficient digital photo organizing and web publishing solution contains a desktop software - JetPhoto Studio and a web service software - JetPhoto Server. Uses JetPhoto Studio to create and organize photo albums on desktop computers. Then, only One-Click is needed to publish albums to the website based on JetPhoto Server.

JetPhoto Server

JetPhoto Server Pro



JetPhoto Server is a full-featured digital photo publishing service software using PHP. You can establish a photo gallery website quickly and easily. JetPhoto server allows customizing templates for web albums, and presents your photos in thumbnails, picture story or Flash-based slideshow.

Presently, we provide two major versions of JetPhoto Server for different users. JetPhoto Server v1 is a lightweight version that is easy to setup and use, and JetPhoto Server Pro v2 is an advanced version for professional uses. For example, you can create your personal gallery website using JetPhoto Server v1 with ease. And professional photographers can create their commercial online photo business using JetPhoto Server Pro v2.

A client software, is provided to work with JetPhoto Server. Prepares photo albums on your desktop computer. Uses WebSync, and upload the organized albums to your website.

Web Album Templates

JetPhoto Server package includes several pre-installed templates with different appearance styles, such as Flash, LightShadow, PhotoFrame, Orange and Classic. (Click the following images to see the templates demo)



Lightbox Black

Photo Frame








The key differences between JetPhoto Server and JetPhoto Server Pro are listed below:


JetPhoto Server v1.5

JetPhoto Server Pro v2.5


System Requirements Windows, Linux or Mac OS X server
PHP4 or PHP5 (v4.2.0 or higher)

Windows, Linux or Mac OS X server
PHP4 or PHP5
MySQL version 4 or version 5
( recommended)

Metadata Storage XML files MySQL database Album Uploading WebSync over FTP WebSync over HTTP Website Manager Remote connection with JetPhoto Studio Integration in JetPhoto Server Web Album Templates 7 preinstalled templates
10+ preinstalled templates
(contains Flash, CoverFlow, Lightbox pro templates) Geotagging

Google Map Gallery for albums
( need use Google Map web album template)

KML feed for albums
KML feed for whole site
Google Map Gallery for albums
Google Map Gallery for whole site

RSS Feed RSS 2.0 RSS 2.0 Language and Encoding


English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese
UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, Shift_JIS, GB2312, GBK, Big5, Big5-HKSCS

Access control Single editor
Single vistor (simple password protection)
Multiple editors
Multiple visitors
Content Publishing Album only Album,
HTML Page,
File (video, document etc.) Photo Searching Slow (by single keyword) Fast (by multiple keywords) Pro Features N/A

- Layered categories and keywords.
- New page layout, added side menu, calendar and more.
- Comments for albums, pages and files.
- Flash video player.
- Panorama image viewer.
- More options to customize website page layout.
- New web-based Website Manager.





JetPhoto Software
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