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Top stories from the October 15 issue

  • Each of the individuals in Automotive News' seventh annual listing of 40 Under 40 in auto retailing earned their spot on the list by their real-world accomplishments. These individuals are certainly among the industry's standouts today -- and are poised to be tomorrow's leaders. We congratulate them and hope you will enjoy reading their stories.

    Gina Allen

    Uses people and communication skills to improve fixed operations at Santa Margarita Ford and Toyota in California.

    Michael Anderson

    Bringing discipline to succession planning and family involvement

    Ken Banks

    Set sales records at two dealerships before becoming director of variable operations for Mike Shaw Automotive Group

    Jenny Beckstrom

    Beat Inver Grove Toyota's monthly F&I gross profit record by ,000 in May

    Bruno​ Demir

    Acquired the training, cash to partner with his mentor, then doubled sales at two stores

    Felicity Callas, Krista Parise

    Boosted sales and customer satisfaction as service advisers for Mercedes-Benz Manhattan

    Kristin​ Dillard

    Moved her dealership's entire ad budget to digital, and saw net profits double.

    Allan Eagles

    Innovations, including an in-house auction and changes that sped trade-in reconditioning, paid off for Gault Auto Group

    Mike Farrell

    Doubled sales at an FCA dealership through consistent messages, strong customer service

    Lou Fusz III

    Used data to track core metrics, boosting parts margins

    Joe Geosits

    Fixed broken-down communications in the service and parts department

    Pranav​ Gill

    More than doubled the BMW of Sudbury's net profit between 2012 and 2016.

    Chris​ Hayek

    Coaches sales staff at Lexus store to raise volume and customer-satisfaction scores

    Josh Harris

    Steered Toyota of Wausau to become a disciplined, price-transparent store, more than quadrupling profits

    Cole Hawkins

    Turned an accessories program around, roughly doubling orders and revenue

    Fadi Hijazi

    Started Penske's vehicle exchange/lease retention department, which has spread to 10 other stores.

    Emanuel Jones II

    Drastically increased dealership profitability and sales

    Dave​ Katarski

    Growing revenue 20 percent at Michigan's largest Chevrolet retailer

    Eric Kinkead

    Stepped in when other managers were fleeing one dealership

    Natalie​ Langley

    Doubled Internet sales close ratio by creating templates and eliminating leads that lacked customer contact info.

    Jaison Lee

    Oversaw more than 0 million in co-op advertising reimbursements in 2016, and helped launch AutoNation's brand extension strategy.

    Karris​ McKie-Kaiser

    As Internet director, has overseen a tripling of the department's total gross

    Joshua Mitchell

    Grew sales nearly six-fold in a small Kentucky market by expanding the dealership's business development center.

    Michael Mills

    Returned Champion Chevrolet of Avon in Indiana to the black while boosting sales

    Ken​ Mulstay

    Became a powerhouse seller of certified pre-owned vehicles after once shunning used cars

    Alex Park

    Steered his Cadillac store to its best year ever in 2016 by empowering his staff to offer transparent prices and to show genuine customer care.

    Maurice Powers

    Online campaigns for Automotive Management Services Inc. have driven showroom traffic

    Filippo​ Principato

    Led service department to 151 percent gain in gross profit margin

    Suzie Reineke

    Created Reineke Family Dealerships' marketing department

    Maleia Satterlee

    Launched a Facebook platform that increased the Ed Morse Automotive Group's reach to 1.7 million people per month.

    John Secondo

    Improved sales, reduced staff turnover at multiple Hendrick Automotive Group stores

    Chantz Scott

    Bought his first dealership at age 25, his second at 31.

    Jeremy Swartz

    Took five dealerships and within a year increased collective new and used unit volume 20 percent and raised their net profit

    Jaime​ Tekela

    Worked his way up from lot attendant to overseeing all Pfaff pre-owned operations

    Jason Vena

    Transitioned dealership to one-price model while boosting F&I

    Jason Villa

    Set five monthly net-profit records for his VW store and maintained high customer-satisfaction scores in 2016

    Joe​ Wajda

    Used theater background to keep turnover low while boosting sales at the two dealerships

    Kelly Webb Roberts

    Guided her dealership group's expansion and quadrupling the group's revenues

    Jim Williamson

    Quadrupled new-vehicle unit sales and fixed-ops gross since taking over a newly purchased store

    Sheena Banton

    Improved sales and service results by developing a central customer database and automating email marketing

    Zachary Brandt

    Increased sales in fixed ops by 80 percent in two years

    Ben Burton

    Revitalized Kia in the market using promotions such as local concert sponsorships and electronics giveaways

    Richard DeAngelo

    Highest-rated BMW dealership in New York on DealerRater

    Megan Desideri

    Using creative events, among other marketing tools, to build customer relationships

    Adam Fitzpatrick

    Boosted revenue 45 percent as general manager of a Chevrolet dealership in Wisconsin

    Tom Fohr

    In first year as general manager, increased dealership's profits to a 10-year high and sales to a 20-year high

    Jim Gallagher

    Since joining the dealership last fall, roughly doubled unit sales, raised F&I results and quickened used-vehicle turns, resulting in the store's swinging into the black

    Alex Graham

    Converted four stores to no-haggle pricing while increasing sales, profits and customer satisfaction scores. In 2015, new and used combined sales were 12,177 vehicles for the six-store group, up 32 percent from 2014

    Hampton Graham

    Restructured the six-dealership group, sold stores, raised money to pay down debt

    Edward Hwang

    Turned store from underperformer to top-tier dealership

    Samantha Jacobson

    Launched Via Luxury Rentals, an affiliate that handles service loaners and rentals

    Tafi Jaji

    Led his store to No. 1 in overall net profit among all Hendrick Automotive dealerships, the first time a domestic franchise had achieved that distinction

    Joshua Johnson

    Expanded the group's franchises to eight from three since 2006 and boosted net profit 46 percent in 2015

    Michael Kabcenell

    Helped restructure how Penske sells finance and insurance products, resulting in gains in F&I gross profits

    Robert Karbaum

    Shaped online strategies for multiple Canadian dealership groups and oversaw increases for key digital-performance indicators at Dilawri

    Walt Kelsey

    Tripled the store's previous volume in the first year of ownership

    Jason Kopp

    Significantly raised market share and profitability

    Ryan LaFontaine

    Built company from three dealerships to 20

    Matt Laughridge

    Managing two dealerships and a hotel while serving as finance chairman of NADA's political action committee

    Greg Lefave

    Turning two stores that previously averaged about 580 retail units per year into stores that sell 1,200 per year

    Margot Miller

    Increased Mills Auto Group's F&I income 31 percent

    Steve Mudd

    Boosted new- and used-vehicle sales since becoming general manager in July 2015, driving total net profit to 0,000 in the last half of that year, up from just ,000 in the first half

    Allison Musante

    Switched to 100 percent digital advertising and targeted marketing in 2015. New-vehicle sales increased 22 percent from 2014, to 895 units

    Jon Oeltjen

    Turned two sales departments from net losses into net profits and tripled the net profit of a third department by instilling a "quick-turn mindset"

    Jennifer Oribello

    With no automotive or finance background and just three years in her position, Oribello is consistently the top special finance performer among her peers in the six-store Champion Automotive Group

    Mark Olson

    Revamped the dealership's Internet business, which now accounts for more than half the store's total sales

    Brady Peterson

    Having the most profitable year ever in the history of the Lexus store in 2015

    Jason Pickering

    Led dealership to Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Honors title

    Abe Razick

    Took over a Hyundai store in March 2015 and more than quadrupled monthly sales by year end

    Anthony Ries

    Turning around a troubled Buick-GMC dealership

    Robert Sickel

    Set up business development centers to drive sales

    Shujaat Siddiqui

    Rated No. 1 U.S. dealership by BMW of North America in 2015, based on 15 key performance indicators plus customer satisfaction score

    Allen Tate

    In a smaller market, his store sold more new vehicles in 2015 than half of the Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealerships in the Houston area

    Shawn Vaughan

    Increased net profit 75 percent in three years at Toyota store ant took Nissan store from a 0,000 loss to a net profit of .4 million in his second year of running it

    Heather Wagener

    Instituted weekly staff meetings, which led to improved service customer satisfaction scores

    Dustin Walters

    Johnson City store landed on Automotive News' Best Dealerships To Work For list four years in row and, in 2015, was second in the state among Hyundai dealerships in total new-vehicle volume

    Brandin Wilkinson

    After becoming part owner of the dealership in 2013, he grew sales volume 61 percent and tripled net profits.

    Kelly Wolf

    Increased sales fivefold at Porsche of North Houston; helped expand luxury dealership group from one store to seven

    Dan Zarrillo

    Improved new-vehicle sales by more than 50 percent, contributing to the store's record profits in 2015

    Josh Aaronson

    Founded Island Auto Group by acquiring and turning around 11 new- and used car dealerships.

    Michael Abbondanza

    Turned around two underperforming dealerships by focusing on employee job satisfaction.

    Amy Bannor

    Held new-car sales manager positions at stores in Montana and Missouri before returning to Fargo to build the Internet department at Corwin Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram

    Brad Barnett

    Overcame an ill-timed opening to become one of the region's top Toyota sellers

    Nicole Robins Boukather

    Built the dealership's Internet presence, which accounts for about 60% of the store's vehicle sales

    Jennifer Briggs

    Built the group's Internet department

    P.J. Caletti

    Assembled a sales team that has helped boost sales volume and profits

    Cary Castro

    Increased store F&I per-vehicle profit 20%

    James Coats

    Nearly doubled net profit at a Pfaff Audi store

    Breanna Datello

    Service department net profit jumped 25% her first year in charge

    Brijen Dave

    Since Dave became managing partner/general manager of the store in August 2012, the dealership's gross profit and fixed-operations revenue each has increased 40%. Employee turnover dropped to 7% from 110%.

    Peter Dimmitt

    Landed a McLaren franchise

    Richard Dimmitt Jr.

    Sharp growth in high-end accessories and pre-owned business

    Sean Fortier

    Since he became general manager in 2011, every department in the dealership has achieved double- to triple-digit percentage growth.

    Rik Fregia

    Turning around a failing dealership by tripling sales and improving employee morale

    Brian Godfrey

    Chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council

    Ryan Gremore

    Took over a struggling Mitsubishi store at 24, turned it around and was named Mitsubishi's youngest ever dealer council chairman

    Shannon Hammons

    Internet department has nearly tripled vehicle sales to 120 per month in the two years he's been in charge

    Tyler Heard

    The five stores he manages saw a 31% increase in net profit and a 15% increase in retail vehicles sold since he took over in January 2014.

    Matthew Hoffman

    Increasing the group's used-car sales

    Jason House

    Implemented a high-throughput approach in an acquired store and saw sales surge

    Gregory Kostern

    Led eight stores' F&I departments to record-breaking sales

    Seth Knighton

    Seth Knighton grew sales and revenues at Roberts Automotive Group. He also took customer satisfaction from worst-to-first in six months at its FCA dealership.

    Melissa LaCarter

    Grew wholesale parts business to sales of 5,000 a month with 24% gross profit in 2014 vs. 15% in 2010.

    Nicholas Laham

    Improving customer satisfaction at the family Toyota and BMW stores

    Brian Lam

    In 2014, two of the six dealerships Lam oversees finished in the top 30 of the National Honda Top 100 Volume dealers. DCH Paramus Honda finished fourth and DCH Academy Honda finished 28th.

    April Lausch

    BMW certification and 20% increase in sales with reduced overall expenses

    Ross Lundquist

    As the group's longtime general sales manager, nearly doubled F&I income in five years

    John Mocadlo

    Raised himself from poverty to dealership leadership, with a vision to keep going

    Michael Mangapit

    Improved Audi Tacoma's customer satisfaction from worst to best in the Seattle market in 2012 amid a dramatic fixed operations expansion; grew service department sales to 0,000 in a single month for first time ever in May 2014

    Frank Pena

    Turned a low-performing store into the No. 17 Hyundai dealership in the U.S.

    Michael Piehler

    Rebuilding a third-generation dealership after the loss of its cornerstone Pontiac franchise

    Nick Schnelle

    Profits soared 40 percent in 2014 to new store record

    Meg Scranton

    Cut costs while leading the store to record revenue and volume

    Josh Vaughn

    Built up employee morale and dramatically increased vehicle sales and gross profits while cutting turnover

    Michael Weinert

    Highest customer satisfaction scores in southeast region for Buick-GMC stores, with 197.3 points out of 200.

    Neal Wheat

    Doubled the store's used-vehicle sales by cutting the time it takes to get a vehicle retail-ready and putting in a formal sales process

    Marcus Williams

    Department's customer service satisfaction ranking rose into the top fifth percentile in his Hyundai region from the bottom 25th and he helped oversee the building of a 28,000-square-foot dealership.

    Paul Zimmermann

    During the recession, bought 2010 Chevy castoffs from other dealers, helping to save the dealership from GM's chopping block.

    Christopher Weiss

    AGE: 30
    POSITION: President, Crest Auto World, North Conway, N.H.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Overhauled the store's digital operation, which led to a 22% sales volume increase in 2013

    Justin Wainwright

    AGE: 33
    POSITION: Dealer principal, Precision Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram, Butler, N.J.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Restored Chrysler dealership from near closure

    Chris Teague

    AGE: 32
    POSITION: Dealer principal, Chevrolet of Montebello, Montebello, Calif.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Increased combined new- and used-vehicle sales fivefold in the 4 years since buying his dealership at age 28

    Scott Stephens

    AGE: 39
    POSITION: Service and parts director, Mercedes-Benz of Gainesville, Fla.
    ACHIEVEMENT: From the service department, boosted customer satisfaction, raised employee morale and installed a sense of teamwork

    Thomas Roberson Jr.

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: Service manager, Dreyer & Reinbold Mini, Indianapolis
    ACHIEVEMENT: Took over a below-average service department in 2011 and turned it into the brand’s top performer while increasing gross revenue 25%

    Michael Rezi

    AGE: 31
    POSITION: Managing partner, Nissan of Cookeville, Cookeville, Tenn.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Turned a store from loss to profit in 1 year, boosting vehicle sales from 67 a month to more than 200

    Erin Ramsey

    AGE: 32
    POSITION: Business development center manager, DCH Auto Group, Temecula, Calif.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Setting up a business development center to handle calls and appointments for 5 dealerships

    Sam Raabe

    AGE: 33
    POSITION: General Sales Manager, Brandon Honda, Tampa, Fla.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Grew Honda sales and profits sharply in hotly contested Tampa market

    Jason Puga

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: General manager, Land Rover San Diego
    ACHIEVEMENT: Turned around an ailing store and focused on service for high-end customers

    Jeff Proctor

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: Managing partner, Metro Honda and Metro Acura, Montclair, Calif.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Implemented cost-cutting and morale-building strategies to pump up profits

    Larry Pickett Sr.

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: Sales manager, Fred Anderson Toyota, Raleigh, N.C.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Has been a Mr. Fix-It, using analytics to improve store operations

    Alex Perdikis

    AGE: 39
    POSITION: Managing partner, Koons of Silver Spring, Md.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Turned the struggling Ford-Mazda dealership into the second-highest volume dealership in Jim Koons Automotive's 16-store network

    Chad NeSmith

    AGE: 37
    POSITION: Dealer, NeSmith Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, Jesup, Ga.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Implemented 1-price selling and more than doubled monthly vehicle sales at 2 family-owned dealerships

    Josh Miller

    AGE: 38
    POSITION: General manager, Germain Nissan, Columbus, Ohio
    ACHIEVEMENT: Turned around 8 years of losses at formerly "broken" dealership, achieving profitability in 2013

    Miran Maric

    AGE: 25
    POSITION: Vice president of digital strategy, Larry H. Miller Dealerships, Salt Lake City
    ACHIEVEMENT: Established digital marketing field managers at Chrysler's regional business centers, then instituted a similar program at Larry H. Miller Dealerships

    Paul Lynch

    AGE: 34
    POSITION: General sales manager, DePaula Chevrolet, Albany, N.Y.
    ACHIEVEMENT: More than doubled the dealership's monthly used-vehicle sales to 130, has no used units more than 60 days old

    Kellie Lewison

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: Assistant controller, Selma Auto Mall, Selma, Calif.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Streamlined sales and F&I processes, which helped to raise the gross margin per transaction from about ,500 per vehicle to ,000

    William Law

    AGE: 24
    POSITION: Finance director, Duval Mazda, Jacksonville, Fla.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Excelled in a variety of roles, especially F&I, and increased average F&I revenue per vehicle retailed to twice the average Mazda store's level

    Scott Kunes

    AGE: 31
    POSITION: General manager, Kunes Country of Elkhorn, Elkhorn, Wis.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Helped double sales at 2 newly acquired stores, using lessons learned as a chef

    Alykhan Jiwani

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: General manager, BMW Langley/Mini Langley, Langley, British Columbia
    ACHIEVEMENT: Turned a profit at an Acura store that had lost money for 8 straight years, then took charge of building up an auto mall in suburban Vancouver

    Casey Jenkins

    AGE: 33
    POSITION: Internet manager, Jenkins & Wynne (Ford-Lincoln-Honda), Clarksville, Tenn.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Created the dealership's Internet department, which has helped boost sales about 18% each month since its start in 2004

    Todd Hoffman

    AGE: 27
    POSITION: Vice president, Hoffman Ford, Harrisburg, Pa.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Used technology upgrades to reinvigorate the service and parts operations

    Bobbie Herron

    AGE: 32
    POSITION: Digital sales and marketing director, Garber Automotive Group, Saginaw, Mich.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Eliminated third-party lead-buying at Garber's 4 Michigan stores and saved 0,000 while quadrupling leads from the group's Web sites

    Jason Graciano

    AGE: 30
    POSITION: General sales manager, Paragon Honda, New York
    ACHIEVEMENT: Created a sales team to handle online leads; it has cut customer transaction time in half, boosted car sales and attracted younger employees

    Lee Gonzalez

    AGE: 34
    POSITION: Vice president, Gloucester Toyota, Gloucester, Va.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Doubled the store's used-vehicle sales volume and improved the number of leads and contacts made by its Internet department

    Matthew Gettys

    AGE: 32
    POSITION: General manager, Hendrick Chevrolet, Hoover, Ala.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Named general manager of a newly purchased Chevrolet store in April after turning around a money-losing store in another market for Hendrick Automotive Group

    Michael Foster

    AGE: 30
    POSITION: Sales manager/assistant director, Ricart Automotive Group's Ricart Used Car Factory, Columbus, Ohio
    ACHIEVEMENT: In less than a year, doubled the store's monthly used-vehicle sales and gross profit

    Brian Feldman

    AGE: 34
    POSITION: Senior director of eCommerce, AutoNation Inc.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Supercharged e-commerce sales at Toyota store before overseeing double-digit annual sales increases at AutoNation Direct

    Jeronimo Esteve IV

    AGE: 33
    POSITION: General manager, Headquarter Honda, Clermont, Fla., and Headquarter Hyundai, Sanford, Fla.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Expanded the family business into suburban Orlando -- and into green operations

    Chris Dixon

    AGE: 30
    POSITION: Fixed operations director, Volvo of Savannah (Ga.), Savannah Mitsubishi and Premier Collision in Duluth, Ga., and Carolina Volvo in Bluffton, S.C.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Boosted fixed-ops profits while driving a sharp improvement in customer-satisfaction scores

    Mary Curry

    AGE: 34
    POSITION: General manager, Rice Toyota, Greensboro, N.C.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Transformed the dealership's Internet marketing and social media strategies, improved vehicle and fixed-ops sales

    Stephanie Cooper

    AGE: 38
    POSITION: Finance manager, Timbrook Chevrolet, Keyser, W.Va.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Maintaining finance and insurance revenue of more than ,200 per vehicle while sales volume tripled

    J.R. Buchbinder

    AGE: 35
    POSITION: General manager, New Country Lexus of Westport (Conn.)
    ACHIEVEMENT: Nearly doubled Lexus dealership sales in 1 year; grew Honda dealership to top 20 in sales

    Jarred Black

    AGE: 28
    POSITION: General manager, Larry H. Miller Volkswagen, Lakewood, Colo.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Led the store to new records for new- and used-vehicle sales while earning the store's second-best net profit on record

    Kelly Alston

    AGE: 37
    POSITION: General manager, Stateline Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram, Fort Mill, S.C.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Guided dealership through recession without layoffs

    Adil Elomri

    AGE: 36
    POSITION: General manager, AutoNation Nissan Arapahoe, Centennial, Colo.
    ACHIEVEMENT: Boosted new-car sales 61% in his first year while emphasizing employee job satisfaction

    Matthew Buchanan

    Age: 27, president, Buchanan Automotive Group, Sarasota, Fla.

    Ricky Wood

    Age: 34, general manager, Faulkner BMW, Lancaster, Pa.

    Hieu Thanh Vo

    Age: 31, senior sales manager, JM Lexus, Margate, Fla.

    J.R. Toothman III

    Age: 39, general manager, Toothman Ford Sales Inc., Grafton, W.Va.

    Daniel C. Toomey

    Age: 31, general manager, Advantage Hyundai, Hicksville, N.Y.

    Nick Tallman

    Age: 32, CFO, White Family Cos. Inc., Dayton, Ohio (19 dealerships in Ohio, Wyoming and South Dakota)

    Alison Spitzer

    Age: 32, vice president, Spitzer Management, Elyria, Ohio

    Patrick Southward

    Age: 30, co-sales manager, Gorno Ford, Woodhaven, Mich.

    Scott Simons

    Age: 39, general manager, Valley Honda, Staunton, Va.

    Brad Scott

    Age: 33, general manager, Scott Volkswagen Inc., East Providence, R.I.

    Nicholas Parks

    Age: 33, general manager, South Dallas Hyundai, Dallas, Texas

    Hooman Nissani

    Age: 33, president, Hooman Automotive Group (Toyota-Nissan), Long Beach, Calif.

    Shep Nelson

    Age: 31, general sales manager, Nick Alexander Imports, Los Angeles

    Steven Myers

    Age: 37, finance manager, Orange Motors, Albany, N.Y.

    Michael Morais

    Age: 39, COO, Open Road Auto Group, Bridgewater, N.J.

    Jamaal McCoy

    Age: 35, general manager, Findlay Chevrolet, Las Vegas

    Mark Mason Jr.

    Age: 29, general manager, Lugoff Ford, Lugoff, S.C.

    Chadwick Martin

    Age: 27, president, Martin Automotive Group, Bowling Green, Ky.

    Jeff Lupient

    Age: 33, dealer principal, Jim Lupient Infiniti and Lupient Nissan, Golden Valley, Minn.

    Scott Lee

    Age: 35, general manager, Lee Buick-GMC, Crestview, Fla.

    Steve Ladrido

    Age: 29, sales manager, Duval Mazda, Jacksonville, Fla.

    Brian Kramer

    Age: 35, general manager, Lexus of Clearwater -- AutoNation, Clearwater, Fla.

    Raymond Herrera

    Age: 37, general manager, Acura of Riverside, Riverside, Calif.

    Shannon Harper

    Age: 27, vice president, Harper Auto Square, Knoxville, Tenn.

    Matthew C. Haiken

    Age: 29, dealer principal, Prestige Imports Inc., East Hanover, N.J.

    Jason Hachmeister

    Age: 39, co-owner, Sterling Chevrolet, Sterling, Ill.

    Bobby Gery

    Age: 35, finance manager, Priority Toyota, Chesapeake, Va.

    Angela Falzon

    Age: 25, business manager, Signature Ford of Perry, Perry, Mich.

    Fred Emich IV

    Age: 31, managing partner, general manager, Emich Volkswagon, Denver

    Dodge Earnhardt

    Age: 32, officer, Earnhardt Auto Centers, Chandler, Ariz.

    Tatiana Dyer

    Age: 27, dealer principal, Dyer Chevrolet and Dyer Mazda-Subaru, Vero Beach, Fla.

    Brendan Downey

    Age: 35, parts manager, BMW of Freehold, Freehold, N.J.

    Jamie Darvish

    Age: 37, vice president, Darcars Automotive Group, Silver Springs, Md.

    Peter Catanese III

    Age: 32, parts Internet manager, Central Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram, Norwood, Mass.

    Philip Brooker

    Age: 35, general manager, Fremont Motor Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff, Neb.

    Jason Brickl

    Age: 39, CEO, Ballweg Family of Dealerships, Middleton, Wis.

    Todd Bondy

    Age: 39, general manager and shareholder, Murray Motor Imports, Denver

    John Altman

    Age: 35, COO, Beyer Auto Group, Falls Church, Va.

    Adam Parks

    Age: 29, president, Parks Chevrolet and Parks Mazda, Kernersville and High Point, N.C.

    Matt Browning

    Age: 33, general manager, Cerritos Acura, Cerritos, Calif.

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