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Senna Skin Care treatments deliver a red LED skin rejuvenation therapy practical for diminishing wrinkles in the convenience and comfort of your home. Our LED hand held device can gently deliver precise amounts of light energy to your skin to repair collagen below your skin surface while eliminating lines and wrinkles at the skin surface.

Our LED skin care technology uses the science of promoting collagen production naturally to erase lines and wrinkles associated with aging. The thermal activity generated by LED treatment will enhance cellular growth to the treated areas.

These lights will promote natural skin and cell growth while reducing wrinkles. The treatment also helps reduce inflammation to leave your skin smooth, soft, healthy and refreshed. Red light therapy is appropriate for all skin types and is recognized by the skin care industry as one of the most effective treatments to eliminate wrinkles and repair skin.

There is no worse enemy in the fight against aging than age-related wrinkles. Senna Skin Care will help you win your battle with facial wrinkles to gain the spoils of that youthful glow you so much deserve.