Закрыть ... [X]

Here at SuitUpp, we pride ourselves as being one of the finer suit retailers in cyberspace. We recently started carrying some ties on our online store as it complemented our designer suit offerings. Carrying ties as part of our inventory turned out to be quite a success and as a result, we will be launching a brand new campaign focused on ties shortly.

Part of our inspiration for this new tie concept comes from a very sexy photoshoot that Jennifer Aniston did for GQ Magazine wearing nothing but a Brooks Brothers tie. This photoshoot created a lot of buzz around the blogosphere and traditional media sources also started talking about the shoot. The tie that Jennifer was advertising in the photoshoot happened to sell out and for weeks people who wanted the specific tie in the photos could not get their hands on one. We were so impressed that we had to show you a picture from this shoot. Here is one below:

As a parody, during our last photoshoot, we decided to get one of our models to try and immitate Jennifer… not quite close, but at least we tried :)