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In this hands-on course, we will demystify each of the systems that make up your camera, e.g: shutter, aperture, ISO, metering and whitebalance. We will explore how each of those work, why they are needed, how they do what they do and why you should care. Then we discover how to use each of them artistically to improve your photography. Classes are very laid back, fun and hands-on. It will help greatly if you have a sense of humor.

This course is part of our Foundations Series. For a side-by-side comparison of all our Foundations

courses, click here.

• You'd prefer to not trip over your camera anymore and want to start enjoying photography to its fullest.

• You have been photographing for a while and you know your camera can do more than automatic mode.

• You feel overwhelmed by your camera system and don't know what all the things on it are for.

• You just got a new DSLR and you would like to learn how to best use it.

• You know about shutter, aperture, ISO and could use a refresher with a little leg-up on connecting the dots.

• You're anywhere between 9 and 90 and prefer to study in a fun, hands-on, friendly,
   safe, and non-judgmental environment.

Join us in our gorgeous classroom, located in our state-of-the-art facility in Amherst, NH. That's what most people do. Or, if that is not convenient, you can join us to learn the same material via a weekly webinar. We also offer this course as a weekend intensive or as a self-paced eLearning course, where you log in and learn at your own pace. Once you sign up for one of these options, you have access for 6 months to complete your learning. If you miss a few classes here or there, you can make them up at any time in the 6 months following your enrollment.

Or, for the most flexibilty, you can upgrade to our hybrid learning option. Build yourself a course that has a little bit of everything. If you want. Have it your way. - Wait. That slogan may be taken. If you chose this option, you'll have 12 months of access to complete your learning. If you start in the classroom and find the webinar more convenient, you can finish there. Or vice versa. We want to offer you the flexibility and the accessibility to learn in whichever way you desire, giving you the option to change along the way, should the need arise.

And just to make sure we didn't leave you befuddled after all, we include a free 20 minute personal coaching session with each course.  With patience and kindness.