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Check these graduation announcement templates out, because there are times in life when you want to show the whole world your accomplishments in the best possible light. Graduating is one of those special moments, so get ready early to make sure you have everything ready when the time for celebration comes.


When you finally finish your training, a course, high school or college, you will want to shout it from the rooftop. Your friends and family won’t be able to hear your happiness from afar, so use a graduation announcement template like this one to spread the joy. The template is for a 13 by 18 inch card you can print in any big online print lab. The template will arrive as a layered PSD file, compatible with Photoshop CS+, CC and the Elements. It will be 13 by 18 inches big when printed, and you can print it in your favorite online print lab. The guide on how to install and edit the files will be included in the download, as well as a list of fonts that will make the layout charming.


The Sleeklens team has found a charming way for you to announce and celebrate your accomplishments. This template is so pretty, the recipient will want to frame it and keep it for reminiscing. The layered PSD files are completely customizable. You can add a photo of the graduate inside the layout or a photo of the academy, high school or college from where your client is graduating from. They will be editable in Photoshop and the fonts are listed by the designers for easier accessibility.


When the time comes to leave all the tests, exams and late night studying behind, you will need to celebrate with a meaningful card template. This one is guaranteed to satisfy your needs and standards with its classy design and modern layout. The text is completely customizable and the fonts you can use to make it even more special are listed in the download. You can open and edit the layered PSD files in Photoshop where clipping masks will help you edit everything effortlessly.


Men will love to see their name inside this template since it’s bold, modern and simple enough to match most masculine styles. You can use Photoshop to edit the PSD files sent to you, with the fonts listed in the downloaded files. The text is completely editable and you can make it personalize it with your own photos and captions. The design includes the layouts for both the front and back of the card, which will be 18 by 13 inches when printed.

Retro Card

Major life events like graduation are the most unforgettable memories you will ever have, so make them even more special with a graduation photo card. This template is fully customizable and will allow you to change colors and text. The photo in the display will be included in the download, but you should change it with your own. The basic instructions on how to edit the files will be included in the offer also.

Grad Day Card No.2

This is one of those easily customizable graduation announcement templates you can edit to fit the graduate’s style. You can edit the PSD files sent to you using Photoshop CS1 or higher. Text and colors are also editable, and the fonts will be shared with you once you make a purchase.

Minimalistic Card Template

This is a nice and elegant template that comes as a 7×5 card. You will like the fact that it is easily editable with elegant looking results. All you will need is Photoshop or Illustrator software to insert your own wording and have your announcement cards ready to be printed out.

Simple Crown Card No.3

If you plan a graduation party for your special event, this card will come in handy. You will receive layered PSD files, designed with WHCC specifications, but it can be modified to be printed at another lab too. You will get the basic information and instructions on how to customize the template to fit your liking. The colors will also be customizable and you can choose the fonts for your card as well.

Announcement Card No.2

For your announcement card to say you are graduating, it has to contain the graduation cap detail. This template comes with the mentioned detail and it’s an otherwise clean cut and . You can edit this template in Photoshop or Illustrator, to insert your own personal message to invite your family to your party.

Announcement Card No.3

Let all your relatives know you’ve finished high school and you’re proud of it with the help of this simple and beautiful graduation announcement template. You can use Photoshop or Illustrator to insert your event or party details including date, time and dress code. You will be sent a printable PSD file which you can print out in many local or online print shops.

Plain Card No.4

If you want your family to get a graduation card from you already framed and ready for hanging, buy this template. It is a 5×7 inch card template you can easily edit in Illustrator and Photoshop. Just add your photo, invite them to your party and print the out as many times as you need.

Announcement Card No.5

When your friends and family receive this card, they are going to know you are all grown up and ready for the real world. The design is simple and elegant, and you can add your own photos to make it custom-made. The PDF file sent to you will be editable in either Photoshop or Illustrator, where you can insert your own words and photos.

Pink Lines No.6

Another similar design to the last few deals we showed you. Like the previous templates we showed you, this one can be edited and customized in Photoshop and Illustrator. Just fill in your message, party details and a nice photo and your template will be ready to hit the printer.


Grad day template

This template is a perfect example of how a graduation should be announced. It comes as a 5×5 inch template with 0.25 bleeds. You can edit the layered files in Photoshop to insert your own text and invite everyone to your party.

Announcement No.7

Not only will you love this easily customizable template, but you will want to use the layout for a number of other occasions that need a card template. The seller will send you a PDF file you can edit in Photoshop and Illustrator in a minute. It will only take a bit of your time to insert your message and photos, and you will be done.

“Class Of” Card No.8

This template will allow you to present yourself in a fashionable way. You can insert 4 pictures of yourself to show your friends your many interests and activities you participated in during your school years. You will receive a PDF file which you can easily edit with just the basic knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Senior Announcement, Graduation card

Your announcement card template should at least portray your style. So if you are the sensitive, artistic, and let’s say the romantic kind, this template will catch your attention the most. It is designed with WHCC specifications, but you can adjust it to be printable in any lab. The seller will provide you with 2 PSD files and you can easily insert your own text and play with the colors to make it fit your style.

Senior template card

Why not take your graduation party to a whole new level and invite all your friends with this fun and colorful card. The deal will allow you to edit 4 PSD files designed for WHCC and Miller’s lab. Instructional PDF will also be in the download, so you can adjust announcement templates to be printed in another online or local print lab.

Senior Announcement Graduation card

This is another colorful way to let everyone know your high school days are over. The PSD files you’ll receive will be for a 5×7 announcement card, and you can easily edit them to add text or change colors. The seller will also send you an instructional file to help you get started working on the cards. Fonts will also be included, and you can choose from the free fonts the seller will suggest once you make a purchase.


Senior Day Announcement

All students, their parents and all future graduates will definitely like to see their names on their card templates like this one. You will receive all five colors you see on the photo, and the templates will be sent in PSD, AI and EPS versions. They will be extremely easy to edit and their design is flexible enough for you to use for graduates, college students and grad school students. In the instruction file that will be in your final download, you will find the download links for the typefaces that will look best in these templates.



Senior graduation needs some special attention. As such, you will need gold foil templates to impress even the most demanding clients. This card will arrive in layered PSD files with clipping masks for easy photo uploads. Other than the gold foil wording and details, all other colors will be editable so you can even match the students’ dress code with their announcement cards. The template has 300 DPI, ready to print specifications.


“Class Of” NO.10

It will be easy to prepare templates like this one even if you are not very skilled at programs like Photoshop. The template will be sent in a PDF form and all you need to do is fill it in with the student’s information.


Grad Card NO.11

This template gives off the celebratory vibe and it will be perfect for announcing any graduation party and event. It will print out as a 5×7 inch card with a colorful banner right over the graduate’s name. This template too will be sent as a PDF file and you can open it in Illustrator or Photoshop. Just insert your own captions, names and information required and it will be ready for printing.


“Class Of” NO.12

Prepare your best photos because when you find templates with this kind of a design, you will see that’s all they’re missing. The PDF document will be downloaded immediately after you make a purchase. Editable in Photoshop and Illustrator, this template will be ready for print as soon as you fill it with your information and wording.


“Class Of” NO.13

This is a simple and clean layout designed for the A+ student. In the stripped patterns, you will be able to write the students’ names, class and school they are graduating from. The template will be sent as a PDF file, easily editable and print ready. In Photoshop or Illustrator, you can insert the desired wording and have the cards printed out and shared with those close to you.


Pink Grad Day Card NO.4

When your high school days are finally over, you will want to search for dazzling and colorful announcement templates to share your sheer happiness and joy. With this template you can do that immediately, because it will be in your computer in just a few seconds after you make a purchase. The file you will find there will be in PDF format, compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator. Once you open it, just insert your wording, graduate’s name, class and maybe party directions and it’ll be ready for printing.



You will find these templates handy and useful because they can also be serve as marketing boards for your studio. You will find two PSD templates in your computer, both stylish and extremely modern. They will be layered and organized, easy to edit and fill in with your client’s info and photos. Basic instructions will be included in case you are not a professional and don’t know how to work with the files.


Color Dots Card NO.15

A stylish design like this one will impress all your clients, boys and girls whether they’re in high school or grad school. The seller made the design easily editable and will send you a PDF format of the template. You can edit it in Photoshop and Illustrator, where it will only take you a minute to fill it with your photos and details.



When the time comes to announce academic achievements, a design like this will be ideal to show to all graduating clients. You will get four templates in PSD files, layered and organized to save you editing time. Colors are editable and with little effort you can change the design indefinitely. An instructional PDF file will also be in your download and the fonts you should use will also be shared with you once you purchase.



A nice design like the one in this offer will amaze your clients and their families. You will be able to download the file instantly after the purchase and edit it with your own info. Colors are customizable too so you can make the design bold and vibrant, feminine or masculine, elegant or futuristic. The files sent to you will be PSD formats, well organized and layered. Instructions and font information will be included also, so you can start editing right away.



This is the most perfect of all the graduation announcement templates you will find out there. It has a nice, colorful doodled frame for your photos and information, a typical design for a graduation event. You will receive four PSD files, with WHCC and Miller’s lab specifications. You can use the free fonts suggested by the seller and edit the files in Photoshop or Illustrator. Colors are editable and text insertion is made easy, and you can get a handle on the editing part with the help of the instructional file.



You will be praised for showing stylish and elegant templates of this kind to your graduating clients. Other than the gold foil elements, all other colors are editable and you can choose the fonts too. The PSD files sent to you will be easily editable since they are well organized and layered. Layer masks are used for photo insertion and you’ll only need a basic knowledge in Photoshop to make the final edits.



This card is simply elegant and it can help show everyone that you are ready to venture into the world as an educated mind. You will be sent a PSD file, organized and layered, so you can easily find where to insert photos and text. If you don’t have working knowledge with Photoshop software, you can contact the seller although instructions will be sent with the template. All colors are editable and you’ll get links to the fonts you can download for free.



A nice, simple way to show everyone you made it in one piece all the way through high school or college. The template is printed as a standard 7×5 inch card, with bleeds. You can make edits in Photoshop CS and newer versions, as well as Elements. Fonts that will look great are linked in the product description and text is easily inserted using the text tool.



Start up your Photoshop because you will want to start using this template immediately. It is made of Photoshop layers with CMYK specifications. The seller linked three fonts that will make your announcement cards beautiful and eye catching. Inserting your wording and desired text is done via the text tool, and you can do it in a matter of minutes.



What a classy way to announce a graduation ceremony, party or event. This simple design can be yours immediately after you purchase, and printed out as soon as you insert your photo and info. This single page card can look best when filled with the three fonts linked by the seller. You can make the necessary edits in Photoshop CS+ and Elements. The seller can also help you out if you want the template to be customized for you. So, feel free to contact them if you don’t have the time to edit your own templates.



Another template you can easily make your own. The seller will send you layered Photoshop files you can edit in any Photoshop CS version or Elements 6. It is best printed in WHCC, Miller’s or Mpix lab, but your home printer will do the job just fine with slight adjustments. All colors will be easily editable and instructions will be sent with your download.



Take a look at this announcement card, because you will want to own it right away. The files are easily editable and colors customizable, so you can make the design match your client’s party or style. Miller’s lab, WHCC and Mpix are again the recommended online print labs but you can also print out your cards at home. Instructions will be included, for you to take charge and prepare your own announcement templates for printing.



Not all boys may like the templates we’ve shown you so far. So, let us present you with one that is specially designed for men. This elegant and classy design will be sent in four PSD files ready for your edits. You can customize the colors and text in any Photoshop CS version including Elements.



Of course we are going to include another manly graduation announcement template. This one is for the sporty type of graduates to enjoy and take pride in. The PSD files are layered and fully customizable. You can change the layout slightly by changing a few colors and fonts with the best fonts readily available with download file.



And a third option, in case you want to look and be professional when graduating male students ask for announcement templates with a masculine appearance. This offer will include 4 PSD files, with print specifications for WHCC, Miller’s and Mpix labs. You can print it out at home or in a local printing studio as well by just inserting your captions and photos during editing. The layered files will be easy to customize in Photoshop where you can add text and change colors until they match your desires.


Typographic Graduation Invitation

Are you interested in getting your very own quality graduation invitation? Well, consider now this amazing layout given by this Typographic Graduation Invitation. Entirely editable in Adobe Photoshop, you can adjust font, text, color etc. What are you waiting for?


Templates with beautiful designs like the one in this photo are not easy to find. But this one can be yours for a cheap price and ready for printing within minutes. The template has front and back designs and will be printed out as a standard 5×7 card. Text and colors are easily customizable in Photoshop and Elements, and the fonts used are listed in the description.

Senior Graduation Invitation

Young men often look for cool styles in which they can express their joy for graduation. With this card, not only you can accomplish that but also look fancy at the same time. With a modern layout you can customize this card to meet your personal style. Fully layered, access the 3 PSD files included, adjust it to meet your expectations and ready to print.

Graduation Announcement Card CG041

User-friendly templates are hard to find, especially if we seek to encounter quality results in the process. With this Graduation Card Template you can be certain that quality will not be the neglected aspect of this process, as it has a clean, professional-looking appearance that can match any kind of photo.


We haven’t mentioned any posters for graduation announcement events. So, just take a closer look at this offer. The template will come with three color options and free font list. There will be three PSD files for you to edit your event information with and add any needed photos. The structure of the template is layered and well organized with the Smart Objects option allowing you to add your photos effortlessly.

What to consider when getting Graduation Card Templates?

An important question no doubt, and truth is it’s quite easy to get lost in this whole process of defining which Graduation Card Template may look more visually appealing for the photograph you want to use. Do consider the following items to make your work easier.

  1. Study the color layout: Prior even buying a template, do consider the current color scheme your photograph has. Why is this? Because a good card combines both a picture and a layout, therefore if image and template speak different terms, then you’re starting with the left foot.
  2. Fonts used for the template: What’s the point of getting a gorgeous template if you need to pay 0+ to buy the typefaces in order to edit it? Try to locate the files used for the template, or at least consider if within the description text the fonts are stated as free ones for personal/commercial usage.
  3. Output size: Once again, there’s no point in losing time with templates if they don’t match the size you desire your cards to be printed, thus losing time in resizing them (if you actually know how to do it).

If, by chance, you still have doubts about getting this process done, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer: they are trained to see good and bad projects all around them, therefore you can get an entirely honest feedback – though watch out for biased opinions in case the photographer in question happens to sell its own templates.

Good luck!

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