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I've been working on a nifty photogallery module for the last couple months, I was planning to have it released a few weeks ago but I'm always running a little behind. Anyways, Looks like it's pretty much ready to rock but before I post it up on the Forge for everyone I'd like to find a few users that would like to just Install / Configure it to make sure all my bits are in order.

  • You need to use Flickr or Picasa and have Images configured in an album/photoset.
  • You need DNN5 and you need to be running it on the ASP.net 3.5 framework. Now functioning on both asp.net 2.x and 3.x!

If you meet those two requirements the module is ready for you to install. If you only want to take a peek at what it might look like and how it functions, see the .


Lets list some of the features...

  • Binds directly to either Picasa or Flickr via provider layers (DNN Folder provider coming soon)
  • Thumbnail/Fullsize image options
  • Rendering Plugins (thinkbox, lightbox, facebox, fancybox, flyout)
  • Set Rows/Columns and the control will page through your images with AJAX
  • binds to a Flickr GroupId
  • Code Endeavors Visual Studio Template (BTW, Auto Packaging Rocks Jon!!)
  • Custom JS Callbacks, NO update panels
  • Great DNN5 sample module

Now, lets list the issues I still have...

  • thinkbox might not work on page1 of your images
  • lightbox sucks (need to fix)
  • jQuery 1.3.0 might break some of the plugins, I'd stay with 1.2.6 for now

And what I'd like to get configured soon...

  • expose the html syntax as a template so the administrator can adjust the html
  • cleaner providers
  • more render plugins, more on the way!
  • seo and non-javascript mode
  • create album/username lookup for settings control

Hello Oliver.

I the module the one used at your site?  The one at the bottom of the page?


Yup that's it, tied to flickr using the fancybox javscript plugin, rows are sent to 1 and columns are set to 8, display on all tabs checked.

I took those shots while we were flying around in my buddies piper cherokee. You can also see a few more examples on the page.

Has anyone installed this yet? Any feedback/comments?


I installed it on a fresh clean install of DNN 5 and aded a Picasa gallery to it.  I tried every one of the display modes and everything worked like a charm.  I love this module, it is such a great idea and your future ideas for it are great.  I had no problem installing the module and adding a Picasa gallery, the whole process tool about 2-minutes.  Feel free to have a look, it is on a test site I set up for someone, hopefully he will leave the gallery up for a few days.  http://bowsprit.creativeis.ca. 

I now have a good reason to upgrade some customers to DNN 5.  Thanks for the efforts and I will be happy to make a donation once I start to use it.