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Photo Submissions Corbin offers two versions of our Classic solo seat and a comfortable pillion pad option for your passenger. The uniquely styled Classic Solo looks excellent while providing an extraordinary amount of rider comfort. Corbin's seating platform conforms to the shape of your body for support and more square inches of body contact. This is one of the secrets of long range comfort and is a staple of Corbin design. For added back support, our solo saddles accept an optional rider's backrest that provides an additional nine inches of vertical support.

Got reach issues on your Fat Bob? We also make a "Close" version of the Classic solo that provides seating closer to the bars for an easier reach. We've also made the nose a little narrower to allow for easier ground reach. To figure out which design is best for you, just follow these simple steps: Sit on the motorcycle in your regular riding posture and have a friend measure from the threaded hole in your fender to the area where you are seated. Now compare this measurement: 14.5 inches use our Classic Solo, 16 inches use our Close Solo.

Both Classic solo and Close solo accept a removable rider's backrest for added support. Our backrest installs easily into hardware concealed inside the saddle for a very clean look. In order to fit a wide range of riders, it is fully angle adjustable. Just install the backrest into the saddle, lock it in place with a single setscrew and adjust the backrest angle to suit. A variety of backrest styles are available to suit your taste and the amount of support desired (#02-S shown).

For maximum versatility we've designed the Corbin solo saddles to work with a passenger pillion seat. Like the solo saddle, our passenger seat is designed for better weight distribution and long range support. It is built with our exclusive high-density Comfort Cell® foam to provide firm support that lasts. Our pillion comes decorated in your choice of leather styles to coordinate with your Corbin solo. Installation is simple with all required hardware included. Passenger pillion works with a variety of H-D accessories and options like the "detachable" sissy bar.

For an added bit of luxury, both the Classic Solo saddle and Close Solo have the option of electric heated seating. You'll be amazed how a heated seat can raise your core body temperature during one of those chilly morning rides. This system easily wires directly to your Harley's fusebox and provides two levels of heat with the flip of a switch. Heater unit and automated controller are built into the saddle and come preinstalled. Two-position switch is conveniently located on the left side of the seat.

Shaping of the Classic Solo and Touring Pillion is designed to emulate the contour of your body. This gives excellent support for longer-range comfort. Our neutralized seating also helps to curb sliding in the saddle that greatly reduces rider fatigue. Inside, the saddle is built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Corbin saddles feel firm when you first ride on them, but this firmness is what supports your body and maintains the correct shape. Over time, Comfort Cell® will break in and provide a personalized fit to your body for even greater comfort.

Saddles and backrests include genuine leather seating panels for a luxurious perch that breathes with your body. Above we used out standard natural grain leather in the seating with a Black Faux-Ostrich stripe for accent. This can also be ordered with either Grey Faux-Snakeskin stripe or plain black stripe. In the side panels we use a coordinating vinyl material to keep the saddle looking sharp longer and support the foam shape. We also include the option of chrome studs at no additional charge (be sure to specify when ordering). Leather seating will perform for years and add value to your Corbin investment. Over time it will develop its own unique character just like your leather jacket. Be sure to care for it properly with a quality conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream to keep the hide supple and weather resistant.