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2018 DCI Logo The Drum Corps International World Championships is the pinnacle of the annual DCI Tour, a series of more than 100 live competitive events that take place across the United States from June through August. The DCI World Championships mark a week-long celebration of the "very best" in the world of marching music. In 2018, more than 40 drum and bugle corps will compete for the Open and World Class World Championship titles.

The 2018 Drum Corps International World Championships will kick off in Michigan City, Indiana, with the Open Class Prelims on August 6 and the Open Class Finals on August 7. The competitive action then heads to Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis where prelims, semifinals and finals events on August 9-11 will culminate with the crowning of the 2018 medalists. Saturday morning will be a festive time in downtown Indianapolis when non-finalist corps and additional groups perform exhibitions and participate in spirited SoundSport and DrumLine Battle events.

Special discounted ticket rates for the DCI World Championships are available for groups of 20 or more. DCI Championships provide band directors an excellent opportunity to motivate their students through the outstanding live performances that only DCI corps can deliver. Contact the DCI Group Experience Specialist at 317-275-1212 ext. 33 for details.

The competing drum & bugle corps are typically independent, non-profit organizations that are not affiliated with a specific school. Corps draw their members from the regional, national and even international level with members ranging in age from 13 to 22. Most of the students have gained experience in their high school or college marching bands. Corps hold auditions in November and rehearse monthly during the winter to prepare for the summer tour.

Drum Corps Photo Montage For complete championships results and recaps, visit DCI.org
98.537 Blue Devils, Concord, CA
97.600 Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, CA
96.575 Carolina Crown, Fort Mill, SC
95.200 The Cavaliers, Rosemont, IL
95.162 Bluecoats, Canton, OH
92.962 Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
91.675 The Cadets, Allentown, PA
90.400 Blue Knights, Denver, CO
88.125 Phantom Regiment, Rockford, IL
87.938 Blue Stars, La Crosse, WI
86.825 Crossmen, San Antonio, TX
85.250 Madison Scouts, Madison, WI
Brass - Carolina Crown
GE - Blue Devils
Visual - Blue Devils
Percussion - Santa Clara Vanguard
Color Guard - Santa Clara Vanguard
98.112 Blue Devils, Concord, CA
97.700 Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, CA
96.588 Carolina Crown, Fort Mill, SC
95.212 Bluecoats, Canton, OH
94.925 The Cavaliers, Rosemont, IL
93.400 Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
91.737 The Cadets, Allentown, PA
91.013 Blue Knights, Denver, CO
89.887 Phantom Regiment, Rockford, IL
88.975 Blue Stars, La Crosse, WI
88.488 Crossmen, San Antonio, TX
86.475 Madison Scouts, Madison, WI
85.550 Mandarins, Sacramento, CA
84.188 The Academy, Tempe, AZ
83.888 Colts, Dubuque, IA
81.975 Vanguard Cadets, Santa Clara, CA
81.275 Troopers, Casper, WY
80.075 Spirit of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
80.050 Blue Devils B, Concord, CA
79.050 Oregon Crusaders, Portland, OR
78.000 Pacific Crest, Diamond Bar, CA
76.225 Legends, Kalamazoo, MI
76.213 Genesis, Austin, TX
74.275 Music City, Nashville, TN
73.475 Spartans, Nashua, NH
97.362 Blue Devils, Concord, CA
97.000 Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, CA
96.363 Carolina Crown, Fort Mill, SC
94.638 Bluecoats, Canton, OH
94.125 The Cavaliers, Rosemont, IL
93.200 Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
92.263 The Cadets, Allentown, PA
90.175 Blue Knights, Denver, CO
89.150 Phantom Regiment, Rockford, IL
87.550 Blue Stars, La Crosse, WI
87.425 Crossmen, San Antonio, TX
86.150 Madison Scouts, Madison, WI
84.213 Mandarins, Sacramento, CA
83.450 Colts, Dubuque, IA
83.075 The Academy, Tempe, AZ
81.500 Vanguard Cadets, Santa Clara, CA
81.025 Troopers, Casper, WY
80.175 Blue Devils B, Concord, CA
80.050 Spirit of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
78.700 Oregon Crusaders, Portland, OR
77.787 Pacific Crest, Diamond Bar, CA
76.800 Legends, Kalamazoo, MI
76.125 Genesis, Austin, TX
74.950 Music City, Nashville, TN
74.350 Spartans, Nashua, NH
74.125 Seattle Cascades, Seattle, WA
71.613 Jersey Surf, Camden County, NJ
71.563 Louisiana Stars, Lafayette, LA
70.100 Gold, San Diego, CA
70.037 The Company, Chesterfield, UK
69.800 7th Regiment, New London, CT
68.838 Southwind, Mobile, AL
67.838 Guardians, Houston, TX
65.913 Pioneer, Milwauke, WI
65.700 River City Rhythm, Anoka, MN
63.525 Raiders, Burlington, NJ
62.000 Shadow, Oregon, WI
60.925 Colt Cadets, Dubuque, IA
57.550 Impulse, Buena Park, CA
54.725 Les Stentors, Sherbrooke, QC

OPEN CLASS FINALS (August 8, 2017)
80.725 Vanguard Cadets, Santa Clara, CA
79.625 Blue Devils B, Concord, CA
77.250 Legends, Kalamazoo, MI
76.763 Music City, Nashville, TN
75.925 Spartans, Nashua, NH
73.213 Louisiana Stars, Lafayette, LA
72.750 Gold, San Diego, CA
72.000 7th Regiment, New London, CT
70.125 Southwind, Mobile, AL
69.737 Guardians, Houston, TX
67.688 River City Rhythm, Anoka, MN
64.975 Raiders, Burlington, NJ

International Class
72.325 The Company, Chesterfield, UK
Brass - Vanguard Cadets
GE - Vanguard Cadets
Visual - Vanguard Cadets
Percussion - Vanguard Cadets
Color Guard - Vanguard Cadets

OPEN CLASS PRELIMS (August 7, 2017)
80.425 Vanguard Cadets, Santa Clara, CA
79.138 Blue Devils B, Concord, CA
76.225 Legends, Kalamazoo, MI
75.488 Music City, Nashville, TN
74.863 Spartans, Nashua, NH
71.950 Louisiana Stars, Lafayette, LA
70.625 Gold, San Diego, CA
69.825 7th Regiment, New London, CT
68.125 Guardians, Houston, TX
68.000 Southwind, Mobile, AL
66.963 River City Rhythm, Anoka, MN
63.050 Raiders, Burlington, NJ
62.225 Shadow, Oregon, WI
61.200 Colt Cadets, Dubuque, IA
58.125 Impulse, Buena Park, CA
55.200 Les Stentors, Sherbrooke, QC

International Class
71.275 The Company, Chesterfield, UK

• Tickets for most of the summer tour events and the Open Class Prelims and Finals in Michigan City, Indiana, are available through the Drum Corps International Box Office.
• Tickets for events taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the Alamodome in San Antonio and the Georgia Dome in Atlanta are available through Ticketmaster.
• Tickets are also available at the door on the day of the show.
For more ticket details visit

• The Festival Marketplace — located in expo halls on the field level of Lucas Oil Stadium — is the place where drum corps fans can check out the latest merchandise from their favorite corps, the DCI collection and DCI sponsors.

• Family, friends and fans may take still photos of DCI events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed on a Web site or in print, without the written permission of Drum Corps International or the corps that was photographed.
• Small, nonprofessional, single frame "point & shoot" and digital cameras are allowed into the venue. Please be considerate of the performers and the fans seated around you. Professional cameras or cameras with lenses longer than six inches are prohibited, and all forms of video and motion picture cameras and sound recording devices are strictly prohibited. Tripods or other similar equipment that may obstruct the view or path of travel of others in the stands are also not allowed.

Mail: 110 W. Washington St., Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-275-1212
Group Experience Specialist: 317-275-1212 ext. 33
Ticket Line: dci.org/tickets or 800-745-3000 or ticketmaster.com

DCI Drum Corps International From modest beginnings more than four decades ago, Drum Corps International (DCI) has developed into a powerful, nonprofit, global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence. Through the annual DCI Tour and more than 40 World Championships in 17 North American cities, Drum Corps International provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. Drum Corps International is Marching Music's Major League™. For more information visit DCI.org.