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Honolulu Beach Weddings

Planning a Simple & Easy
Honolulu Beach Wedding

Hawaii Brides

At Bridal Dream Hawaii we've put together all of our best services so you can pick and choose your favorite options and make up your own wedding plan, simple & easy, and affordable too!

Bridal Dream Hawaii

9.00 each

Hawaii Wedding Minister

Click the photo above to see our Oahu Wedding Ministers and Officiants,
Rev. Kimo, Rev Chris, Rev Jofrey and Pastor John.

Honolulu Wedding Photographer

Robert Hamilton

Photographer Robert shoots most of our . One thing we pride ourselves in is that you will receive no less than seventy high-resolution photos with any wedding package you choose that includes photography. See his work at .

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Bridal Dream Hawaii

.00 each

Live Music

Hawaiian Wedding Music

Flower Bouquet

Hawaii Wedding Flowers

Wedding Cake

Hawaii Weddings

You may pick and choose any of the wedding services shown on this package to make up your own wedding plan.

Ukulele Music by Pastor John is only .00 when added to his Wedding Minister services. Other Musicians are available for 5 and up.

Our KAHALA BEACH WEDDING is a lovely wedding package including your wedding ceremony at beautiful Kahala Beach, professional wedding photography, Bride and Groom's Leis, and Minivan transportation from your hotel in Waikiki.

Wedding Minister
Bride & Groom's Leis
(or Bride's Flower Bouquet)
Over 100 images
Souvenir Wedding Certificate
MON-FRI: 9.00
SAT-SUN: 9.00

Browse through some of our other wedding packages, both big and small. You may want to add a so family and friends can watch your ceremony back home. The Bride may wish to treat herself to our pampering.

Oahu Beach Weddings

Oahu Beach Weddings
Happy couple shooting Hawaii wedding photos at Waimanalo Beach, East Oahu.


At Bridal Dream Hawaii, we do our utmost to promptly answer your inquiries, and provide quality service at an affordable price, at some of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii.

See our most recent wedding photos, updated nearly every day at FACEBOOK.

Bridal Dream Hawaii Weddings


Tell us your favorite wedding music so we can put your favorite song on your wedding video or photo slideshow.

Let us know your wedding ideas and what kind of wedding packages or services you are interested in.

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Please send correspondence to our mailing address:
1350 Kinau St, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814