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Photography Courses

Our courses will teach you all you need to know about your camera and its settings. Get out of "Auto" mode with our Photography Level 1 Course or find out about some of the extra features and controls on your camera on our Level 2 Course.

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Photography Experiences

A chance to capture stunning images in fantastic locations around the UK. We have setup a great range of experiences for you, so whether you want to capture stunning images of exotic macro creatures to eagles and big cats we have something for everyone.

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Photography Workshops

Workshops are hands on days with a focus on practical experience and demonstrations. Our workshops are designed to make sure you can get to know about all the settings, equipment and tools you may use to get the most out of these types of photography.

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Photography Events

Throughout the year we run photographic events. These maybe seasonal opportunities, product associated days or even days with a pro. Check here to see the latest and find out more.

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Photographic Holidays and Trips

Join us on one of our photography holidays - we've found some of the best locations to spend some time developing your photography. We take all the hassle out of your trip and have experience in the area to make sure you get to all the best spots!

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