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Grand Manan Island NB. Workshop- Oct 12 -14. Perceiving your cameras vision and the Elements of Visual Design.  This is not a tour,  yes we will be touring however it is a weekend of nonstop learning.  At every location, we do a walkthrough of the light available and making the best use of it along including the elements of design.   There will be image evaluation and instruction every day.     The workshop is very fluid and will cover participant driven topics of your choice.

This is a hands-on workshop on one of the most beautiful islands off the coast of New Brunswick. Fishing villages, cliffs and amazing beaches. This island is picture perfect. 5 + accommodations.   Maximum 8 spots.    I will be on the island all day on the Friday for any individual instruction.    The workshop will officially start 1hr after the last ferry over in Seal Cove.

Email to reserve your spot.


Loaves and Fishes – A Journey Coast to Coast Third Edition: An Alzheimer’s fundraiser. 

Loaves and Fishes 

“Read your amazing book today! It’s like you were reading it to me!! Your spirit, enthusiasm, love for life and commitment shined through! I could not put it down!” Liz Burnell, CT. USA.

“I just finished reading your book, great story, it was like i was on the bike but you were doing all the work, Thank you for sharing your story”  Serge Debouis, London On.

“Well it is a great fun book to read and it amazes me that you did it. Interesting…I could read it in an afternoon but I like reading a 3 or 4 fun stories then I save it for another day” Jennifer Linton, Grand Manan, NB

“Quite Enjoyed It !! You have a ‘clarity’ of purpose and style of writing which involves the reader – not to mention the angels!” Susan Murar, Stratford Ont.

A series of short stories of remarkable events on a journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It all began with a chance meeting and one question. Two years later that developed into a 76 day expedition cycling from Vancouver to Halifax. He was not a cyclist, and had no idea how this trip would change his life.

The purpose of this Journey was to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Don Martel left Vancouver expecting to produce a colourful tabletop book on completion of his trip. However, it will amaze you to read about the miraculous and fascinating occurrences on his journey. These trues stories could not be told in photographs they begged to be authored.

Find out how and why it all happened. Who he met and the life lessons learned.

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