Закрыть ... [X]

Besides having two first-names, English actress Alice Eve is also the proud owner of a beautiful set of breasts, which you proudly shows off pretty often. Are we sexist for enjoying the view?

Seriously, we’re totally objectifying Alice Eve but it has to be said: she has one of the nicest natural boobs on film. They are the perfect shape for cleavage of any sort, as proven by Eve’s role in She’s Out of My League, where she spends most of her screen time showing off deep intense cleavage.

Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Eve had a similarly attractive role in Sex and the City 2. This time instead of cleavage, she’s doing t-shirts and see-through nipples with no bras. Oh-la-la. We know they aren’t nudes but treat this as a warm-up.


Crossing Over (2009)

She finally revealed her fun bags in 2009’s Crossing Over, where she got a couple of fantastic nude scenes. The movie itself is a major bore so we got the nice pics for you right here:


Crossing Over – Topless Scene GIF Video